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First post on here - Carers UK Forum

First post on here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi there,
My name is Bernie (female variety Image), I care for my mother who is 93 and was diagnosed with altzheimers in 2005, well actually it was 2006 by the time we finished fighting to get the Dr to actually believe that there was something wrong but that is beside the point. I have been caring for Mum since 2005, I dont really do chatting on line but as I am sure a boat load of you know sometimes it is imperitive that you have somebody who knows just how frustrating this can be. I do have people who come in to help bathe mum and to sit with mum so that I can escape sometimes but I thought that I would give this a go and see how it goes. So, 'Hello' to all you fellow carers, I hope that your day has not been too fraught! Image Image
Hi Bernie,
Welcome to the forum Image
This is a great place to chat, it has certainly helped my sanity!! Image Image
It's also good to know you are not alone and people understand.
Hi Bernie

So glad you have joined us. I can be so isolating to be a carer and there are so many really lovely people on here. It may be unusually to have on line friends but it sure is a whole load better than spending ages without having a proper conversation. Hope you will enjoy being here.

Little Lamb
Hi Bernie and welcome to the friendliest forum in town Image

Personally I love online chatting as I think I've forgotten how to do the other kind Image My Mum also has Alzheimers and trying to hold a conversation with her these days is like trying to run up hill wearing hobnail boots - hard going Image Image

This is also the best place to come to offload on those days when it all just gets a bit too much - rant, rave, laugh hysterically whatever you feel the need for - members on here actually know what it's like and actually LISTEN Image
Hi Bernie and welcome Image
Hi Bernie, a big welcome to you. Glad you have joined us there are lots of friends for support and advice no matter what it is Image
Hi Bernie - welcome to the forum! I'm sure we can change your mind about online chatting! There are many people on here in a similar position as yourself that will fully understand your situation. There are others who are dealing with other circumstances that just love to natter! All good!

Once again, welcome to the forum and enjoy!

Bell x
Hello and welcome
Hi Bernie, Image
Welcome to the forum.... It has certainly saved my sanity.

Now I enjoy being here and trying the patience of a saint... trust me, there are loads of these around here too.

Take care