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Image HI I am a newbie! I have an nearly 8 year old son who is autistic. I would just like to let you know that 90./. of days out places now let carers in free. So all the parent/carers of young children - enjoy the school holidays with some nice FUN DAYS OUT! X
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Thanks for the info.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hi Julie,
Did you know that you can go free on the bus with your son? See the posting called Companion Bus Pass. Hope you have managed to get Disability Living Allowance for your son, and Carers Allowance for yourself. The Family Fund might be worth lookin up too. There is lots of help out there, just finding it is difficult!
Hi Julie,

Warm welcome from me...thanks for the advice too, I'm sure there will be many interested in the info! Have a good look around the forum...roll call is a good place to have a natter too.

Bell x
Hi Julie

My youngest daughter is nrly 9 and is autistic.

I applied for a card from the NAS which I carry around with everywhere.

It's called an Autism Alert card, and I've got another card from the Disabilities Resources Centre, and that has given free or reduced bus/train travel queue jump, or get in places free or reduced prices, and the cards have got us out of sticky situations.

Liz xx
What a good idea. The Forum is brilliant for swopping ideas like this. Thankyou. Although my son isn't autistic, I know several youngsters who are.
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My sister (who isn't autistic but has other disabilities) has a pink card issued by Bristol City Council that either lets her in free or a carer, dead handy as I am only a student (so I get NUS discount too... double result) but still find it hard to occupy her in the holidays. Not sure if it works out of Bristol though so always take her blue badge just in case!
Did you no that if you use a wheelchair, scooter, crutches etc that most big stores do Q jump? I only found out last week while in Primark with my mum, airports do the same Image
Hi Kirstie,
Thanks for that information. Can you give us more information on how Q jump works?
All I no is that the end checkouts are reserved for disabled customers,only found out as the manager approached us after we had fought our way round the curvy line and told us, we both missed the disabled sign suspended from the ceiling lol friend works for customer services in a department store so will ask her and let you no how it actually works Image