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Forced discharges by social services - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Forced discharges by social services

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colin_1703 wrote:You could throw back to social services an argument that they (social workers) sometimes use to
try to "twist relatives arms" You could say "Can you guarantee my health safety and welfare please"

Often they expect relatives to be able to cope without giving the relatives accurate and honest information, in my experience
That makes a good sense to me!
health care tip
My daughter told them at one of the family meetings (I only attended the discharge meeting, as I found them too upsetting), that if anything happened to me beng hurt by her father, then she would sue them for puting me in danger. To be honest I can't see this ever happening as he seems ok in the Resperidone which is to calm him down. The only side effect that I have noticed is that he is putting on weight alarmingly, and apparently it is this drug that's the culprit but he has to stay on it. My concern is that if he gets too heavy he will have difficulty walking and getting out of bed which is a struggle at the best of times, he has a metal frame at the side of his bed to haul himself up. He is like a sheep on its back otherwise, he just no muscle strength left in his back or stomach.
Possibly this might lead to him having to go into care in the future. I just take each day as it comes and try to manage the problems as they arise.
Taking each day as it comes is not a bad 'survival technique'. Anything that helps one keep going better surely is to be valued.

You and Pet, Irene, both with husbands still alive, but 'not in a good way', always make me realised that my own situation, as a widow, is not necessarily the 'only bad/sad way' to head into old age.....

How sad it all is. How sad. (Written on a bright March day, but chilly, thinking that if my husband were still alive we'd be talking about what to do in the garden in the coming weeks - and he'd be getting the lawnmower serviced.) (Sometimes I deliberately imagine the 'what if he were here still' scenario - maybe you do the same in the 'what if he were well still'? I find it comforting and desperately sad, at the same time.)