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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thought these were amusing !!!


Like those Image

Just sent you a message but its vanished. Talking of which, glad you have not run away. I decided to run away when I was about ten. Got as far as the end of the road. Had some cheese in my pocket. realised it was nearly tea time so went back home. Hadn't been missed !

Glad you had good night out !

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I had a carers assessement yesterday and suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I have now got day care 2 days a week in the same home where the respite fortnight is also booked for 2 weeks at end of May. Mum is looking forward to going to the day centre ( not mentioned the fortnight yet but if she likes it it should be ok ).
I was told I am entitled to 8 weeks a year respite ( at £77 per week ) and I can have more but it costs a lot more.
I am feeling so much better and so is Mum.
I will have Friday and Sunday off....I have to take her and collect her but its only about 10-15 mins away.
Its true what they say....one has to research things and ASK !!!
The book " A Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring " is very good and useful to have.
I still have not contacted my local support group but it is on My Do list.
So glad I joined this site so thanks everyone. Image Image Image
Brilliant. Well done Image Image Image

That's good news. Has mum had a financial assessment? She might not need to make a contribution at all.
Financial assessement was not mentioned but the social worker knows the house is signed over and she does not not have very much in savings. They said her attendance allowance could be used for it.
I had thought it was free but maybe things have changed and £77 a week is not too bad I suppose.
Do you think its worth checking again ??
As Bowlingbun says, she ought to have had a financial assessment to determine what her contribution should be. More about income than capital I think. Speak with Social Worker just to ensure charges are no more than they should be.

This is interesting.
I had a carers assessment on Tuesday and the social worker came back today to explain the day care to Mum ( as she had not met her at the meeting I had with her ) and get her to sign a form.
Then she showed me the carers assessment form she had typed up with the information I had given her and checked I was happy with it. THEN...WAIT for it.......she informed me I would get £100 for completing a carers assessment !!!
Maybe thats why its never been mentioned before !!! Image Image Image
It was a bonus as I was happy enough with the help she had offered !!
Gosh, you hit the jackpot there!!! What local authority area are you in?
I am in Northern Ireland. Northern Trust area.
I think the social worker said the money came from a carers charity or something like that. I will let you know more when I get it...she thinks I will get a cheque when whatever form she needs to fill it to say its done goes off.
I didnt ask much about it as I was so surprised !!! Maybe its a new thing as she hadnt heard of it before and she said not many in the office had.... I was so pleased with the offers of day care respite etc I would nearly have paid her £100 !!!!!!!
Just hoping it all works out as planned as I feel so much better since the meeting.
Maybe it is copeable with afterall without jumping off a cliff !!! lol !!
I will mention the financial assessment for mum to....I know she gets her pension, pension credit and attendance allowance and thats all.