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I am utterly amazed ! Never heard of a Carer getting £100 for going through a Carer's Assessment. Lost for words.......

AND an assessment within 2 weeks. Think I and mum will move to Ireland immediately!

Seriously though, good luck and enjoy that respite. Doctor's orders.
Thanks to everyone.
I do think Northern Ireland is better than the UK mainland in a lot of ways especially health and education but then again its a lot smaller.
Mum is looking forward to going to her first day care this morning and I am in bits....nervous etc. I know its silly but there you go !!! It should be me really looking forward to it !!! However I hope she enjoys it and wants to go back..
I will let you know what happens re the carers assessment money. I was totally gobsmacked when the social worker told me when she was leaving !!!
I must ask about a financial assessement for mum and check it out.
Will let you know how today goes.
Hope you all are having a good day. Image Image
Well...I have just arrived back from leaving Mum into daycare...I thought I would feel great and free as a bird but in actual fact I feel terrible !! I don't know why as she was happy and the staff seemed great and told me to ring anytime if I wanted to know how it was going.
Before this when someone else sat with her or I nipped out shopping while she was resting I felt great...its a really strange feeling but hopefully it will pass.
Isn't life contrary ????
I'm not totally surprised. Our emotions take us by surprise at times. But I am pleased your mum has responded positively thus far. It can take time for both of you to adjust. I often remind myself that older people are often far more adaptable and resilient than we imagine.

Thanks for the update. Its good to share good news. Maybe later your mum will help you to accept things perhaps - just a new way of looking at things at times ?

Take care,

Thanks for that Robert.
She enjoyed her day and is happy to go back....feels it did her good. She is tired but fine and I eventually settled down !!!