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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I live in Northern Ireland. Does anyone know anything about respite care ? I was against this idea but now I think Mum might actually enjoy it and I really feel I need a break.
Hi Goastar and welcome to the forum.

Being in England I can't help with your question - but I know a man who can Image Image

Click on this link http://www.carersuk.org/northernireland and it will take you to the Northern Ireland section of the Carers UK main website. Contact their Advice Line and I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction for services available to you and your Mum in NI.
Thank you.I have done this and found a support group in my area. I have also been advised to get a carers assessement carried out. So will make a few phonecalls shortly.
Great news Image Do come back and let us know how you get on.
I have arranged to have a carers assessement...within 2 weeks so happy enough and the social worker was very nice and helpful Image
You're doing well eh ? Image

Sort of doing well as far as getting organised but not so good mentally.
For example I went to meet a couple of friends for coffee this morning and didnt want to come back !!!! Felt like driving of to god knows where......But I did come back of course !!
I am finding I am not sleeping so well at the moment which is not helping.
But I have read a lot of what people on this site are going through and I know things could be a lot worse so I need to get a grip and stop moaning !!
Hi goastar.....

Dont be too hard on yourself. Know what you mean about doing something somewhere and having this feeling about how nice it would be not coming back. Been there. Done it. Or rather didn't actually do it ! Yes, you are getting organised. But the complex emotions are less easy to organise. Yes, reading other people's postings has been a real eye opener for me too since I came here and makes me feel fortunate in so many ways. But it does not stop me feeling the way I do now and then.....

I know I shall always be so pleased I am doing everything I can right now to support my mum, and I know it means the world to her.

Robert Image
You're not the only person who has been tempted to run away! If your mum is thinking about respite, it is possible that the respite centre might take people just for the day, i.e. not sleeping there, whilst they get used to the place, which might help both of you. Take care.
Thats useful to know....that she might be able to go for the day and get used to it.
I am feeling much better today....glad I didnt run away !!! I had a night out on saturday and really enjoyed it. Was exhausted yesterday so had a relaxing day and just did what was needed and no more !! It really did me good !!
I have sent for a book someone mentioned on the site...The selfish pigs guide to caring...It got some great reviews on amazon ( and a few really negative ) but it sounds fun as I am usually a positive person with a good sense of humour I think I will enjoy it.
Will let you know what I think !! Image Image Image