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Fluent Aphasia - Stroke - Early Stages - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Fluent Aphasia - Stroke - Early Stages

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
That is very unprofessional of the nurse. You should not have been put in that situation! I won't discuss my son in front of him.
Hi Matt
Welcome to the Forum!
You are not alone, we are sure that many on here will understand exactly how you feel and offer support, Caring can be very lonely and the pandemic has made caring responsibilities challenging as many carers have been socially restricted and unable to attend social groups etc.
Carers UK are running online weekly meet ups for carers and you can find the information on how to register at: Care For A Cuppa-https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ne-meetups. Share and Learn-https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... e-sessions.
Our telephone number is 0808 808 7777 and we are open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm and our email address is (advice@carersuk.org).
They provide information and guidance to unpaid carers. This covers:-
-Benefits And Financial Support
-Your Rights As A Carer In The Workplace
-Carers Assessments And How To Get Support In Your Caring Role
-Services Available To Carers And The People You Care For
-How To Complain Effectively And Challenge Decisions
Best Wishes
Dear matt_21051
Hi. I am writing a message to you to see how you are getting on and this is a follow up message from the initial message I wrote to you. I would like to know and ask you whether or not you are coping and if you find the Carers UK Forum beneficial and helpful to you. Please leave me a message to let me know how you are getting on.
Best Wishes
Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum. This has been a difficult time of change for all your family. You have my every sympathy as my husband had a stroke and subsequent aphasia last July. Thankfully he doesn't have any of the physical side effects usually associated with a stroke, but it has affected his behaviour quite badly in addition to his difficulty with finding words. He refused speech therapy after the first 3 sessions with the speech therapist, so we just have to help him think of the words he wants to say. I find we have to have a lot of patience, especially when frustration comes knocking.

My son, who is a few years older than you and who lives about half an hour's drive from us, comes every few weeks for a weekend to do outside jobs for us and to give me emotional support. He has also come and taken over looking after his dad when I have gone away for a weekend break with my sister - when that was allowed. I call him my rock. I'm sure your mum is glad of your support also.

You and/or your mum might find it helpful to join in one of the Care for a Cuppa sessions , which have already been mentioned.