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Hello, I have just registered here and am hoping for some advice.
My mother has dementia and is still living at home. I have brothers who live near her but I live in another part of the country. I am about to have a look around the forum as I have a particular question. I am sure I will find lots of useful information.
Hi Louise, welcome to the forum. How much longer do you think mum will manage to live alone? Be very careful NOT to move in with her until you are fully aware of all the implications of such a move. So many people here have done so due to a crisis, and then bitterly regretted it. There are lots of people here who are either current or former carers, both for dementia and other issues. Just ask away, and we will try to help. Often there are a range of different replies, then you can either follow up suggestions if they feel right, or discard them, it really doesn't matter. Just find out as much as you can, before making a long term decision.
Louise, hi - there are lots of us here whose caree is an elderly person, all too often, sadly, with dementia as well as frail old age. (with me it's my 93 y/o MIL)

As BB urges, and I echo that, make no 'kneejerk' decisions as they may well be 'unsustainable' or that you don't fully take on board the full implications not just of things now, but as the dementia develops. Do read up on 'advanced dementia' for example, to see what someone with very advanced dementia needs by way of care etc.

Here on the forum you'll get lots of 'personal experiences', but do remember that when it comes to things like the financial implications, either in terms of potential benefits etc, as well as things like Power of Attorney, the team of experts at Carers UK are excellent - either phone or, as often recommended, email.

That said, lots of us here have got the T-shirts on things like Carer's Allowance, PoA, etc, so there's a wealth of info here too.

Ask away! (Do remember this is mostly a public forum - the Members Section is only visible by other members, not anyone passing by!)