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First time carer

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Have a look on ebay, search for children's shampoo shield. I don't know if these are available in adult sizes, you'll have to do a bit of research. My son with special needs HATED having his hair washed, but one shaped like a polo mint, with elastic to fit the head snugly, was really helpful. (I haven't even thought about it for about 25 years, but as soon as I read your post, it came back to me immediately!)
Not sure if this would work, but my son when young also hated soap in his eyes etc, so he took to wearing his swimming goggles during hair-wash! They fitted very snuggly over his eye sockets, and no soapy water could get in. It was a bit restricted washing his hair around the band going round the back of his neck, but it was doable.
Hello Joyce, I share your frustration. My sisters and me are looking after our Mum who is in her 80s and has terminal cancer. We have the daily battle of her not wanting to wash, take her meds or comply in any way. I feel horrible all the time, and have reached a very low point. Mum is now so frail that she has had several falls. I'd like to be practical and provide the equipment and carers she needs but like you, I know Mum will refuse. I don't think Mum has dementia, she has always been the way she is now. To be honest, we are all scared of this tiny woman and dont want to upset or anger her, but reading all the comments, I think we do have to take the stance of caring for an elderly toddler! Thankfully our Macmillan nurse is coming this afternoon so hopefully we can make some progress.
Jacqueline, if mum has terminal cancer, make sure you read up on NHS Continuing Healthcare, which is available (fast track within 48 hours under very special circumstances).