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First Posting

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Dawn

Welcome to the forum. There's not much I can add by way of practical advice as it's been covered pretty comprehensively by Robert and Anne - just wanted to say you're not alone. There are plenty of us here who understand what you're going through (I look after my 80 year old mother and went through the being discharged from hospital too early battle so I know how stressful and anxiety-provoking it can be - and that's before the really hard work of caring begins!). This is a great place to come for support when you're feeling weighed down by it all - hope you find it helps. Keep us updated. Image

Good to have an update Dawn and pleased to see you are taking the bull by the horns. Obviously its important to keep your mum on board regarding your plans. It has taken me so long to get my mum to agree to a small amount of help coming in to help me and give me a breather. I would strongly urge you to make contact with Social Services too. Yes, they may take their time to come and visit you, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised by how helpful and understanding they can be. If you don't do that right away, then it really ought to be your New Year Resolution. Its rare that I give people such clear advice, Dawn. Their input can make all the difference.

Meanwhile. thanks for the good wishes. You know you have friends here who all wish you well. I'm sure things will begin to get better for you in time, bit by bit. Take care and keep in touch with us all. Must go now..... Off to prepare some more sprouts. Can't have too many sprouts Image