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first post - depression stuff

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi and welcome. I was married for 15 years and my husband was calm,never moody but worked very hard and very long hours. One day he came home and had such a severe panic attack he had to be sedated by the duty doctor. He had a breakdown and severe depression and it was such a shock to my children and myself. He was off work for 6 months and had Seroxat. This kicked in after about 3 weeks. His doctor was very good and told him to do just one thing a day and complete it so that he felt he had achieved some thing each day. So the first day was just cleaning his car and that exhausted him but he felt he had done something. I found it extremely hard to cope with but read alot about it. My doctor said its like part of his brain has broken for a while and if he had broken his leg and was in plaster everyone would sympathise but because its his brain and hormones no one understands! I am pleased to say my husband slowly recovered. He took the tablets for 3 years, slowly reducing them and is now off them completely.
Keep in touch, everyone is very friendly here! Image
thanks for all your messages - i didnt expect so much support its really appreciated. (have been away for a few days so thats why i have responded). my partner has been taking venalaxine (i think thats how its spelt) he dreads the thought of going back to work so much and harbours so much anger and hatred towards the boss that caused all the problems. I am trying to encourage him to see if he can see a counsellor earlier as a wait of 1-3 months i think is too long for him. The cause of the problem is work but he will have to go back at some point - will it not make it worse the longer is off and not facing the problem?? I dont know!! Obviously his health is the most important thing and i wouldnt want him to do anything to make it worse. hence why i think talking to a counsellor sooner before he gets worse....am i thinking right or do you think i am pushing him?
Alix8 i will have a look for that book - the more i understand the more i can help i hope. Altough i have to admit sometimes i can feel so frustrated (usually after no sleep) that i just want to shout at him and say 'for gods sake stop being so bloody miserable'. I havent but i feel terrible for thinking it.
thanks again to you all - its good to ahve people to talk to. x
Does your partner's company have an occupational health department? If so they should be able to assess his readiness to return to work, make recommendations, including perhaps a transfer to another department with another boss on his return if he finds that acceptable, they might also be able to assist in speedier access to counselling, otherwise the HR department will presumably have been involved and they may be able to assist in finding a way to make your partner's return to work easier when he is ready. Also does he have private health insurance via his company? You may be able to access psychological therapies through this.