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Finding things hard :(

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
O kayleigh, I feel for you so much. Have you been to see your G.P yet? you cant carry on like this sweetheart. You have family close by, can you talk to them? Surely they must be able to see your struggling?

Even if you do move, theres no guarantee that it will lift your husbands mood.
Please kayleigh as somebody has already said on the forum, print out all you have written and see your G.P.

I know its hard, but try and stay strong.

Please seek some help kayleigh.
Take care.x
Hi India. Thank you for the reply.
Im sorry if i dont answer all the time im trying to get used to using a forum Image.
I havent seen my GP yet, ive had so much to do and hospital appointments i just havent squeezed it in yet.
I do have my family around but they would just get so mad that my partner wasnt helping and that ive got into this state i just dont want them getting angry and having a go at him, i find it hard to ask for help anyway, i know its silly but i think its a pride thing and i feel like i should be able to cope. I will try and get round to seeing my GP though. In the meantime i suppose its just life as usual.........sigh
Thanks again for replying. Its a massive help Image
Just had to write on to vent some anger. 3.38 am and been awake since 2.20 with partner shouting and swearing at pc. luckily my son is at his grandmas but he had us both awake last night too. just feel so mad its like theres no respect for anyone or anything around him. dont know how much longer i can put up with this. the tiredness is too much
I know you are worried about the additional stress that could come from asking your family for help, and find it difficult to be assertive. But I am sure if you asked for help and pointed out how stressed you are, they would be there for you. The only reason they would be angry at your partner would be out of concern for you, and how unfair it is. If you point out that you understand this, but need their help stress free, I bet they would be there in a heartbeat. Parents love is unconditional, tell them they are free to moan as much as they like away from you, but that any tension caused by grumpy words or body language is ultimately making life worse for YOU. I am sure they are desperately worried about you, and would gladly be there for you given half a chance, and would probably be deeply saddened to think you feel you can't ask for help. I am sure everyone on this forum would love to come and help you after reading your posts.....and your not our daughter/wife/sister/mother..imagine what help those who know you would be able to offer if they only knew you needed it. Start asking, and firmly point out what you need, and what you don't. I think some earlier advice about showing your GP your posts, would work equally well for your friends and family. Thinking of you all xxxxxx
Hi kayleigh,

Sillybugger is talking very wisely. But, i am a little concerned that your family have not noticed you under so much pressure kayleigh. Im presuming that your close to your family??
Please kayleigh, try and talk to them. Im sure they will only want to help and not cause any more worry for you.

Take care kayleigh, try and get some rest. You know were all here to support you. Image
Im not sure if any of you are still on the forums but I wanted to write and say Thank you to everyone. You all helped me through one of the hardest times in my life.
I had my beautiful baby boy Max on 10/11/12 (lovely date of birth lol) and although I had a traumatic experience he is amazing and im so lucky. Shortly after my son was born my partner and i decided to live seperately now as it just wasnt working living together. I found myself angry with him all the time and it wasnt fair on me or him. Its hard having 2 children on my own and going to the next town and back all the time to look after him but its better for us. I still dont feel like ive fully recovered from the pregnancy and birth as i had to get back to doing everything straight away (and i mean the same day i had him i discharged myself from hospital and was on with the chores when i got home Image .) But hopefully one day i will get my rest lol. I think im possibly depressed, my partner tells me i am. I feel numb like i have no emotions anymore, i dont get happy or sad. Like part of me has died. I feel overwhelming love for my children but thats as far as it goes. But i will get back to normal soon. I wanted more children but ive decided i just cant do it again. I cant cope with the pressure of doing everything again and possibly having the same stress. Anyway im starting to ramble lol Image .
Again just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who replied. You have no idea how much you helped. Hope you are all happy and well. Sending love, luck and happiness to you all Image
Kayleigh! Image
I was only thinking about you the other day! so glad you have posted again. Congratulations on the birth of baby Max.
I'm glad we were able to help you. Keep in touch.
Image Thank you.
Im sorry i didnt reply after that day. I went into a zombie like state and just shut down to get through. My little one is not the easiest of babies lol and been very unsettled so only just getting into a routine so i can come one here again lol.
How are you?
I was being so self involved at the time i never asked how everyone else was lol.
Don't worry - you had so much to deal with. I'm fine thanks, nothing much has changed really!
So pleased your ok, it's been really nice to hear from you again.
As I said, keep in touch when you get the chance - you know there is lots of support here.
Goodnight Kayleigh, I've gotta go an get to bed!
Kayleigh, everyone here understands that it's not always possible for some of us to go online. As a part time carer now, working from home, it's easy for me when my son isn't here. It's sad that you have been forced to live apart, but it was the only practical solution in your circumstances I think. I'm still concerned that you are doing so much, you can't keep doing this indefinitely, especially with little ones in tow as well.