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Hi - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.


Hi everyone Image Thought I'd come in and introduce myself while I'm waiting on a Doctor coming out.

Along with my Husband and Son, I care for my Dad. He fell and broke his neck in June 2012 and is now Tetraplegic.

He has been home from hospital for 4 months now and strangely I feel like we are old hands at this, it's hard to remember life before the accident.

My Dad is 78 and was fitter and in better health than probably the rest of the family, he looked after himself well, good diet, he jogged, used an excersise bike, dumbells, you name it. I've never known him to ask anyone to do anything for him and this is pretty tough on him.

On the whole he makes it easy to care for him, which surprised us all. He does have his moments mind you but they don't last too long.

His catheter was blocked last night and made him quite unwell, the DN recatheterised him this morning but his urine output since has been very very low so he was rechtheterised again tonight and still not parting with much at all. Because of the risk of Dysreflexia, it's possible they will admit him to hospital tonight and he is getting a bit down about it, fingers crossed that doesn't happen.
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your dad, it must be so tough for him.
Hi, just like to welcome you to the forum, come over to roll call section anytime, that where most people are. Sandra
Hello and Welcome Image
Hello and welcome to the forum,
I hope your Dad is feeling better as that will also make you feel better.
We all have our moments, our ups and downs - that is what life is about.
Take care and good luck with it all
Sandra, hello and welcome to the forum. How terribly sad for your Dad. It just shows how precious life is. enjoy the forum....you will find a right friendly lot here!

Bell x
Hello Ananke, Lovely to see you here.x
Hope your dad is OK and doesnt have to go into hospital. Its a worry isnt it?
Let us know how how gets on
Hi and welcome Image
let us know how things are.