Hi, Gillian,

I'm in the same situation. Mum died on 4th December 2012 so now I've moved in to look after 90 year old dad. He's had letters from DWP that say they have stopped his severe disability allowance and that I've got to claim carers allowance which I did last Monday. Waiting to see outcome. Everyones right, they give with one hand and take with the other. Dad is on attendance allowance which he needs to be so I can claim. The amount of letters we've had from DWP are really confusing and some of them contradict other letters. I spoke to them last Monday and to be honest the woman I spoke to was really condescending. That's when we found out that because I've moved in they've stopped the severe disability allowance. So by being honest Dads lost out.

Anyway, welcome. It's a great forum cos you know that you can vent your feelings and get support back.

Take care.