Question about starting as a carer!

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I am moving to London this spring and I am interested in being a carer. I am a medical doctor by profession, currently on a break from residency. I watched a video that said in order to work as a carer you should have been residing in the UK since last 2 years. I would like to know if there is a way for people just moving to UK to start working as a carer?
Hello Shafaq

I think you have been checking out Carers Allowance in the UK. This is a UK benefit paid to those who care for a member of their family or a friend; one of the qualifying criteria is that you have to be resident in the UK for 2 years before you can claim. This benefit is payable to those who care in a non-professional capacity and is not regarded as employment.

However your question seems related to working as a Care Assistant in a professional capacity. Care Assistants/Care Workers are usually employed by Local Authorities, professional care agencies or by Residential Care/Nursing homes.

As this forum is for non-professional family Carers we are unable to give you advice.

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