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Feeling emotionally drained today - Carers UK Forum

Feeling emotionally drained today

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My dad wasn't feeling very well today Image

When I came over he was feeling very sorry for himself Image

So, I told him that we shall have a very easy day today - which he cheered him.

Of course, that doesn't mean it will be an easy day for me and I'm shattered and feeling totally drained.

*just thought I'd share
(((((hugs))))) cherlouise - its not easy is it?
Thank you sweetie

It's not

I used to ignore days when I felt drained and soldir on. Now, if it all seems to be getting too much, I just take loads of short cuts,;easy meals; ignore the ironing pile; the dusting; after all the world won't end if they are not done today, they can always be done later. Then I have a nice warm bath and call it a day. I know that I feel emotionally drained when I'm over tired, so it's more important to recharge my batteries by having an early night and rest.
Oh Bowling I know where you are coming from. You all know we are going through very emotional times at the moment and tonight it was a chinese take away and a can of cider. The simple things make a difference.

Welcome cherlouise and keep your chin up honey.
Thank you kaycee and bowlingbun for your support

I agree about making easy dinners and putting a bit of salt on the housework (though my father would have a different opinion ha ha ha)

I try to make meals that can last a couple of days - like a stew

And I announce to my father that today (which can be any day I need it) will be a relaxed day for me. Doesn't always work out that way - hey ho


I think it's one of those days when I'm just generally drained.

However, it is comforting to know I can share this with other people and they understand where I'm coming from.

Thank you so much