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19 and caring for mum. - Carers UK Forum

19 and caring for mum.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi im new as you probably guessed lol. I'm 19 and have been looking after my mum since i was about 13 as she suffers with a number of illnesses including bipolar,osteoarthritus and fibromyalgia. thought id join this to take a bit of stress off by talking to others going through similar situations. i also work full time in a solicitors as a receptionist so can be hard juggling things sometimes.
HI Katherine,

juggling caring and working fulltime is no mean feat. You will soon realise on this forum that you are not alone. Even though we all have different circumstances, many of our issues and problems are similiar. It is good to share with those who do know what we are going on about!

yeh thats true thanks for ur reply although i suppose we all have different circumstances alot of the challenges we face are similar.
Hi Katherine and welcome Image
jump in anywhere and ask anything, someone usually knows the answer Image

Welcome to the forums.

Great site with lots of friendly people x
Hi Katherine,

welcome to the forum, good to see another young person on the forum.

From reading your introduction it sounds like you've really got a lot on your hands with your caring role and your job.

I care for my partner whilst training to be a barrister and undertaking voluntary work in a prison. As Melly states you are certainly not alone with combining caring and work.

Are your friends and colleagues understanding with your caring role?
Welcome to the forum, Katherine
hello and welcome
hi Image
Thought id just pop in and mention that im 19 to and also look after my mum who has fibromyalgia combined with a few other things, i have a part time job, whilst studying for my art history degree and i also find it very difficult juggling things in my life. if you ever want to talk feel free to pm me Image
Hello and welcome Katherine,

My caring role is different but we're all carers and the support and encouragement here is great. Im sure you'll be blessed by it.