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feel so down and worrid and on and on and on - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

feel so down and worrid and on and on and on

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Fairymagic first all welcome and you need some of these (((((((( hugs ))))))) and a few of these Image Image Image . Your situation is comlex , but you will be ok , thinking about to many things that can go wrong cant be good , you will get stressed out , calm down and relax think positive , on this forum you have friends , some you never knew you had so keep posting and remember , we are all with you , day or night write your feelings down on here , we are here for you , regards Image Image
thankyou your all just what i need x i am so down and unhappy fedup i want to be by the sea sitting by a log fire knitting and waching the sea but its not going to happern all i can see in front of me is pee tubes pills wheel chair cleaning up his mess ect ect my doctor wants me to take fluoxetine capsules but i am scared i dont want to be hiding behined antidepressants i serpose i have had enought at the moment cause every think is about him
Hi Fairymagic

With a name like that i bet you are tinkerbell who has lost her wand.............magic by name yet it sounds as if you are fighting a clinical depression.
Carers get ill, its common fact and that is what brought me to Carers UK. I feel guilty for the pain i have every day because my husband damaged my spine !!! its crazy. I am on synthetic morphine patches i wear all the time and every time its a bit better he has more severe seizures that make it worse again. ( every week)..........i blamed him until recently but i read all your stories and i am ashamed of my self centred attitude.

If you are down and no one is doing anything to help, you will reduce your ability to fight bacteria and become physically unwell too. Then he will not get the care he needs. Its catch 22 again , no one wins only stalemate.

If your doctor says you need a course of Fluoxetine then it should be considered.
Anti Depressants are governed heavily by regulatory bodies today. They are not offered / given lightly and take up to 1-2 months to work depending on how low in spirit you are. It says 3 weeks - thats not entirely true. Fluoxetine is a good one with less side effects. If you give it time and it doesnt lift you then you can stop it and go back to your GP. BUT if you dont try it you will never know if it will work or not.

Just think , you never know the magic of Fluoxetine might bring you dreams of "sitting by a log fire knitting and watching the sea" xxxMandy

Take Care and listen to these people they are wise and kind.
Hello fairymagic and welcome!
Do you get any practical help and support through social services ? It might be worth getting a carers assessment and trying to see if you can get a little help to alleviate some of the pressure you're under. It's not easy this life that's for sure... but still got to try and find a little bit of joy in every day too!
hugs and blessings to you

Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of your garden ?

I do Image
yes i do well i hope there is fairys at the bottom of my graden no i am not mad i have loved them all my life i collect all sorts i even made them out of silk flowers and beads there heads were made of wooden beads i painted little faces and hair and i sold them on ebay thay went all over the world didnt make much money so i stoped ,i am just kniting some for my grandaughters well i am trying trouble is my heart is not in it so i am finding it hard to do but yes i love fairys Image
There are a lot of us out there but if man believes in a fictional GOD then there are fairies, pixies, sprites and other little people............bringing pleasure with fairy dust.
The french -where i lived for 3 years have folklore re fairies and so many places sell them in all guises. It was always a pleasure shopping as i could buy cards to send home.

Have a great day - Mandyx
oh mandy thats place sounds so nice Image