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Please can someone help me

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Hi, I am a Newbie on here and I am at my wits end. I have been caring for my husband for the last 12 years. I have registered at the doctors as being his carer, but I don't get Carers Allowance and I work part-time. I am hoping to accompany my husband on a trip but I need proof that I am his carer. They will not take proof of his DLA, it has to be my name on something saying that I am his registered carer. How do I register to be his "registered carer"??? I have no idea what so ever!! I thought I was registered as his carer but I don't have any proof. Any ideas, advice or whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
Can I ask what organisation is imposing this rule?
There is no such creature as a registered carer in UK law, and you need to point this out, firmly and politely. Many Carers are not eligible to claim Carers Allowance, for all kinds of reason such as being aged over 65, or being a student. The only requirement they can ask for is to show that the disabled person is in receipt of DLA, Attendance allowance, ESA, PIP, registered blind, or a disabled war pensioner - all of these mean that the person requires support, and that support can come from a paid or unpaid person.
Hi I have never known anyone to have a document stating they are the carer,do you have a social worker.. they should help if proof is really necessary.
I wonder if Jayne means the Access register, where carers are registered and get free entry/reduced fees for social activities.
This is not a national register, and it's specific to each entertainment venue/provider. The disabled person has to fill out their application form and then provide proof, usually DLA/PIP entitlement, then carer might have to provide proof ie CA entitlement.
Exactly the kind of proof they refused in the first place, I think?
I reread Jayne's post and got the wrong end of the stick, but will leave my post up in case someone else finds it useful.