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Feel alone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I too am stranded with my mother (93) to care for in my house. [I am an only child, divorced, no children etc.] Luckily we have a small Direct Payment budget from the council and it pays for some care support.
I have been having counselling/psychotherapy for over 2 years now to develop the capacity to deal with her whilst trying to carve out a life for myself. I have made some modest advances including arranging for the 'company' that she now just enjoys, a cleaner (2-3 hours per week) who sometimes doubles up as a sitter and a mobile chiropodist. I still go to work 2 days a week which helps fund some of the extras and give me a different life where I am not a carer.
I too do not get holidays any more and have not had a night away in at least 6 years.
Work, my dogs and the few friends who have loyally stayed around have kept me saneish!
Suggest you join us on the virtual Christmas desert island.....
wishing you well over Christmas
Hi Denise

Well done for keeping your job. At least you have some contact with the outside world which has to be good when in our situation.

I think I will be seeing a therapist of some kind soon like you. I went to the doctors yesterday and the receptionist handed me a piece of paper about getting in touch with the Social. I just suddenly burst into tears! This is unusual for me in public unless I'm in immense pain, etc.

I've had a terrible morning of of it with her and I'm now I'm at last sat down. First coffee at 3.50pm since breakfast. Christmas is cancelled - I don't feel in the mood and can't really be bothered!

I wanted to ask what this game was that you were talking about, Christmas Desert Island I think? I've looked on the games section and can't find it. Where should I be looking please?

I hope you have a better Christmas than me :(
Virtual Christmas get together is here

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... ther-24393

in Members Corner
The island is a shared fantasy where we indulge our wish for quiet and fun. Try my quiz!