Fed up with sofa surfing.

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I was hoping to get advice on finding accommodation and my entitlements to any benefit other than carers allowance. I am 57 years old and I have been a carer for two years. I have had no fixed address since 2000 and it's getting me down. I stay at the person's house that I care for a couple of nights and stay with friends and relations sometimes. I have a part-time voluntary job that pays commission occasionally but this never exceeds the £116 I am allowed to earn. I can't get through to the Carers UK adviceline to talk to anyone or the housing benefit to find out how much help I could get. I am getting to the point I may have to give up care work. I registered with the council as homeless a few years ago but I don't seem to have any luck with their computer system and gave up.
I would appreciate some advice.
Hi Rosemarie ... a holding reply intil the cavalry arrive.

Why not try the Government's own online benefits calculator :


Input some figures and ... hey presto ... entitlements to various benefits / allowances will appear.

Thereafter , feel free to ask any questions.
If you don't have much in savings, you might be entitled to ESA, Employment Support Allowance, without a requirement to work as you are a carer. Find out online what your local authorities standard housing allowance is for a single person. My disabled son lives in a one bed flat fully paid for with Housing Benefit. It's really important that you spend time sorting out your own stuff, then your in a position to help your caree better. What is the matter with him/her?
Hi Rosemary,
I'm a little confused. :-??? Do you care for a family member / friend or work as a care worker or both?