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Exhausted and worn out - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Exhausted and worn out

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Dorothy, the social worker should have got someone from their welfare rights team to look at your benefits.

Also, it would appear they've not carried out a Carers Assessment either. As I don't know where you live, I've no idea what services they have for carers but I strongly recommend you ask your local council to refer you - they have a DUTY to provide you with appropriate information and advice, too.
Thank you Elaine. I will do just that
I can relate, in terms of the self-harming. Perhaps you need to bring this up with your GP. As soon as they see any mention of this, you become a priority as you are risking your health. It might just open their eyes to your desperation and get you the help you need.
Here if you need x
god and i thought i was having a bad day
first well done for speaking out
as other have said get back in touch with your GP
and soc services
demand a urgent call out to house believe me you shout loud enough they will come on the day
another thing i and please i dont mean to be cruel to you or your hubby but next time he falls dont help him up call gp
they wont help you if they think you dont need it i done it for 2 years i now ended up with damage to my back that will worsen over the years (i only 45)
you got to tell them you longer able to lift and carry him
also plan a weekend away and tell them you away and hubby need help at home for that week they have to step in and help
I'm not surprised you're worn out!
I can only second what everyone else has said. Its so easy to get bogged down so far that you've not the strength or will to do anything other than trudge on..
We will support you and help you to find your strength though. X
How are you? Any progress?