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hiya im new! - Carers UK Forum

hiya im new!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hiya im new to the forum,my names dee im 34 and have 3 boys 14,13 and 9,i also have 2 step-daughters who are 15 and 17.im married to a wonderful man called colin who is currently a surport worker for adults with learning difficultys,this is a new job for him he started in april after being made redundant from his other job as a telephone engineer after 15 years.
i joined the forum because i am a carer to my eldest son nathan,he has downs syndrome,behavioural problems and is autistic.aswell as other ongoing medical problems.
the last 6 months have been very very hard because of his behaviour,he is angry,violent and aggressive.his mood can change so quickly with often no trigger for the behaviour.
i dont really have any surport from family etc and he has never been in respite,although i have just been given direct payments to employ a pa.

sorry to go on..
dee xx
hi dee you do have your hands full
a big warm
you will get plenty of advice , help and surport I;m sure make some brill freinds along the way
all the best coffeex
Hi Deedee,

Welcome to the forum. You will find many members here who will understand what you are going though and will offer support if needed. Caring roles can differ so much but the emotions felt can often be the same.
Hope you can arrange a PA to suit your family, keep us posted please.

Look forward to reading more from you. Just holler if any questions.

hello and welcome, DeeDee. Hope the pa works out for you all.
Hello DeeDee, and welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you have your hands full!
I assume that you've had a Carer's assessment?
Good luck with finding a PA that will fit in with your family and hope that it will relieve you of some of the angry times around you x
Hello Dee and welcome Image
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
hiya thank you for the warm welcome..
whats a carers assessment? sorry if i sound a bit silly dee xx
Hello, good evening and welcome! I'm sure someone will come along real soon with all the nitty gritty bits for you Dee. Take good care. Bell x
hi DeDee and welcome to the forum.

A Carer's Assessment is when you, the CARER, are assessed by Social Services for the the help and support that YOU need to continue your caring role. It usually goes hand in hand with the care assessment for your Caree, but can be done independently.

Have a look here for more information : http://www.nhs.uk/carersdirect/guide/as ... ments.aspx