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End stage kidney failure

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I think mobility becomes a bit of a faff anyway with a catheter, doesn't it, having to have the bag strapped to a leg?

Glad our dad is doing as well as he is. Maybe in a way, having dementia can be something of a 'blessing' in that they don't actually realise how poorly they are physically, so that has to be good - they are not fearful of anything getting worse.
Jenny, it shouldn't affect mobility too much as long as the bag is emptied regularly. The temptation seems to be to leave it as long as possible though!
Sorry, that should be 'your dad' not 'our dad' - typo!

BB, yes - but dementia can make it tricky. I know my friend's dad keeps wanting to disengage the bag, and that has disasterous consequences!

Overall, though, yes, when you see him in the house you can't actually tell he's got a catheter.

And, I suppose, one 'blessing' is that it removes any need for incontinence pads. My poor MIL now has them, and I did notice, last time I took her out, that she 'needed' to go back when she did....I think the care staff took her off straight away to change her. All SO desperately sad. Thank GOD they don't realise what is going on.....
I'am glad to hear he's still doing well Elyse, my aunt was the same way, she always said she felt the same as she always did when she was diagnosed with CKD. She also has to go for a review on the 7th of december for us, I have to travel with her as i dialyze her now. So they need to make sure i'm doing the job correctly and keeping detailed records of each session she does. I will be the first to admit its a very big commitment and takes up a lot of time, though it's worth it for her as she doesn't need to keep going back and forth to the hospital and relying on patient transport which is a nightmare.

I know the pad issue too Jenny.. My aunt and grandmother both have to depend on them. Thinking about it rationally it can save on a hell of a lot of washing which is useful, the worst part is the risk of sores and bad skin issues that come along for the ride. At the moment my aunt is bed bound ( awaiting new wheelchair as old one was unsuitable for her anymore.) She has a stoma so thankfully that saves her from constantly getting wet, she uses hers as she has no control of her bowels.

Also just a warning so you don't freak out Elyse when you come and his catheter bag isn't as full as usual.
With CKD its common that you slowly stop passing water. More so when doing dialysis as it removes fluid from the body. Some people even stop completely and i didn't want to you suddenly panic and think hes got a stone stuck or something is seriously wrong.
Hi all,
I've been to visit my dad today, and he seemed quite confused and anxious . The home had some activity going on and my dad got agitated and we had to leave the room . In all honesty I thought he was going to cry . He was also talking about things that haven't happen ( a party that lasted till late in the night ??? ) he is very prone to UTI's but his urine looked pale and normal . I have read that confusion is also a symptom of CKD. He has an appointment next Tuesday at the Renal unit ( that's as long as he doesn't refuse to go ) so will mention all of this . I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms . Thank you in advance . X
Hi Elyse
Dad gets periods of confusion but diagnosed with Vascular Dementia as well as stage 4 CKD. When he has infections he goes from slightly muddled to living on some strange planet. He's never been tearful but certainly very agitated and hates anything remotely social or even talking to carers. Dad has hallucinated about 3 times that I can recall but they are perhaps very vivid dreams- hard to tell the difference.
Hi Lauren,
I have only just joined this forum and seen your post from last May. I hope you received the support and information you needed. I have found Kidney Care UK and the National Kidney Federation both very helpful organisations. My husband has been on dialysis for 20 years and I understand how scary it is to go through the "kidney journey". Do let me know if I can help at all.
Hi Elyse,

my partner has end stage kidney disease. He's in his 40's and is often very tired and nauseous. He's just preparing for dialysis and having a fistula fitted so he has to have an ultrasound to check his heart. It can be tough going on all involved so sending you support and all the best to you and your Dad .

I realise this post is from quite a while back but I've also really been struggling to find any sort of forums relating to end stage kidney failure.

My dad has not long been diagnosed with stage 5 and the decision was made that dialysis would not be worth while, I care for him on my own and bit by bit little symptoms are starting to show and it would just be nice to be able to chat to anyone who has experienced this and can give me some advice.

The most recent symptom beings a twitch/shiver which I did not realise was related to kidney failure but apparently it can be.

If anyone has any experience and could pm me it would be much appreciated
Hi Jamie.

Forums ?

Sparce ... the following was thrown up by an Internet search :

https://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/thread ... ure.76829/

More chance for replies on this one ... provided , of course , readers turn into posters ???