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end of my carers allowance...

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I really do think you need to go and see someone like Shelter, CAB or a Disability Rights Centre. Utility bills are the responsibility of the tenant. Do you, or mum, have a rent book? Was mum paying rent at all? These are actually very important questions. I'm beginning to think that the family may not have done all they should have done - but really don't want to say more here. Shelter are the experts in housing and tenancy.
hi bowlingbun,

yes mum was tenant on paper for house and i was live in carer but now she is in nursing home for a while as they are trying to build her strength up to come home , but social worker is fighting us about this and doesn't want her to come home , as far as family are concerned about rent they say i can take over tenancy but i'm pretty sure i won't get any housing benefit to pay rent as it was such a struggle to get rent paid for mum , but all i can do is try whether the let me stay init rent free is another matter as it is their pensions income ..and i am assuming i will still get income support of £42 a week ( 45 next month ) , i have a appointment with CAB on tuesday about money matters and benefits but again today i will go and see if i can see advisor face to face at jobcentre as i will need a signing on date and card now and they just can't seem to grasp this fact at all

i will look up shelter website tonight also and over weekend

it's just more stress i am trying to cope with and feel like i have no outlet
Your relatives need to realise that mum is still the tenant until she formally gives up the tenancy, which apparently is not going to happen in the near future. I've just checked the Shelter website for you and it states very clearly that Housing Benefit can be paid for up to 52 weeks. Has mum not been paid HB, or is she not paying her rent simply because she is in hospital? Perhaps mum is not well enough to deal with things like this herself at the moment? In that case, someone needs to help her, by becoming her DWP "appointee". Hope that helps reassure you.
i too have a mum who refuses to eat. eats just every now and again, how she is keeping alive i do not know. i cannot force feed her any more than you could force feed your mum and that social worker should be disciplined for talking to you like that. please don't let that comment stick in your mind. x
hi pamr1
mum is looking much better since she has been in nursing home were starting to think it better for her there than coming home....

as for the social worker she is trying to stir more trouble about state of mum when she was admitted to hospital ..she had bed sores and one got infected and social worker is mentioning neglect in her report and can't understand why i am not being prosecuted as hospital has pics if treatment they did for them ..se is like a dog with a bone with this ..she has a really aggressive tone but nursing staff have assured me that's not the case and as far as they have heard from hospital they don't think that ..i tell you this social worker is a nightmare causing more stress than is needed
My mum was admitted to hospital about 14 months ago. She had carers come in 3 times a day and regular treatment for the sore on her bottom. Whilst at the hospital, she also had her sore photographed. No one could understand what the cause was, but I found out. She sat for hours on end in an antique chair which used to belong to my great grandmother. By chance, I sat in it one day when mum was in hospital, and got up within seconds. It was hopelessly uncomfortable and the anti pressure sore cushion was clearly time expired long ago. When they said they couldn't understand what caused the sores, I pointed out that they'd never asked me. After months of negotiation, mum now has a reclining chair provided by health/social services, with a new anti pressure sore cushion. No more pressure sores.
funny how you mention the air mattress as a physio and a nurse i can't remember from what department from hospital came and assessed the house and along came the air mattress and air cushion ..they said things could be fitted to the house to assist mum getting around and a ramp to house etc....so spent money and redecorating mums room turned my bedroom into a walk in wardrobe to give mums room more room ( i sleep on futon downstairs ) ..but now seems like mum may stay on nursing home or move to a bungalow or apartment..it is still early days about all that but those now seem to be the options we have ...so now coming to terms to being a ex carer...don't know which is more stressful dealing with all this or the dwp ...
It sounds to me like everyone ought to wait and see how mum is in a few weeks time before replanning her future and yours. Don't they realise what they're doing? It's bad enough having someone ill in hospital without them carrying on like this. Behind all this is probably the hospital wanting mum out as soon as possible because they are short of beds, however they still have a duty of care, and they need to make sure she is as well as she will ever be. Then, and only then, they can work out where it will be appropriate for her to live in the future. My mum lives happily at home, on her own, with carers coming in three times a day, despite the fact that she can't manage to dress herself, brush her own hair, or cook her own food. If mum wants to come back home again then they need to work out what she needs to make this work. Hope that helps a bit.
that's pretty much what we would like bowlingbun and like you said lets just think about that in a few months when hopefully mum is a bit stronger physically....

apparently the nursing home mum is in is demanding why mum came to them in such a state as she was from hospital...as nursing home says she should have had a lot more treatment at hospital first..but they needed bed at hospital etc etc ...

so made a new claim for JSA this week and what a fiasco...departments not talking with each other had to recap about mum and dates when she was admitted etc

feel like i'm having breakdown...
Try to find something which works as a "release" mechanism when things get too much, a walk, a bath, an indulgent morning in bed reading a silly novel. Easier said than done I know, but it can help at times.
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