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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Ah rich, I've been there. I just used to mumble "Well, nothing really. I'm just caring for my partner." But then I changed my perspective (partially because I read 'A Selfish Pig's Guide To Caring' viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16928) so now when people ask what I do I tell them straight "I'm a carer." with all the same confidence I'd give any other job or career. If you look confident when you say it, people often give it more credit... In my experience at least.

As for forms, well, I've often had to draw my own box in and write 'Full Time Carer' because I'm not going to tick 'Unemployed' and just be lumped in with countless other people who aren't doing the caring job. It might be worth speaking to the bank and asking them. I had to do this with my car insurance, but it made such a difference not to be listed as 'Unemployed' on the form.
I've found most people fairly understanding when I've explained that I'm not unemployed but caring full time. Some people have seemed almost apologetic that I've been excluded from their form. It may take a bit of pushing but it can be worth it.

Hang in there Rich, you're amongst good people here Image
Hi Rich, welcome to the forum.
I opened a new account at my bank recently and said I was a full time carer but the manager knows us and said but you don't go out to work do you? After a friendly banter I suggested she create a box for unpaid full time carers - I didn't get any joy and was put down as unemployed, which does miff me cos caree (my partner) is classed as on a pension - fantastic! He's 46 and retired - not exactly, sounds like he made loads of money and decided to retire early. Image Oops think I'm working on a rant.....I'll behave Image
Looking forward to seeing your posts Rich, I like your sense of humour Image
well well Jane,
we are both unemployed then, according to our banks.....oh yes the 80+++++ hrs a week we spend looking after loved ones is a breeze!!! It's like being on a constant holiday, infact lets jet off to Bali for a long weekend.
Oh hang on I have to wash, cook, entertain, clean, do the shopping, change the cat tray, buy fish food.....poor thing not had food for 3 days, get me ma's prescription, decorate the house for Chrimbo, buy mums presents to other people, send me mums cards out, then do me own bits and bobs. Can we go after Chrimbo Jane. Dang I forgot I'm on Carers Allowance.....Skegness? lol
Hope you're well Jane, hope to see you on the forums Rich Image
Hi rich and welcome to the forum. i tool look after my mum but am nealry 25. i like your sence of fun Image . i took hate the word unemployed when your a carer. its like we have nothing better to do. hope your ok and see you on the forum soon Image
hey Sianie,
well you have to try and have a sense of humour in this game we're in! I have been to Wrexham a few times and the trains always seem to be cancelled/delayed by about a million hours on my return journey. I dated someone there who I thought i loved at the time but was just lust. That's me and Wrexham, oooo and I bought a horrible pair of yellow trousers from there too, I cut them up and used the bits as dusters
Brill, we need all the Out Gay carers we can get, apart from the fact that it is cool to be diverse, it is also really helpful when we have to put in funding applications so we can say how inclusive we are.
But apart from that, we just are pretty inclusive anyway, well hopefully. Sexuality is a bit of a sore point as it happens, because judging from other discussions here quite a lot of us carers are fairly celibate. Nevertheless, if you ever bump into anything or anyone that makes you feel unwelcome, just say so, and I'll bash their head in. Image Image Image Image
I once stole a pair of pants from m+s in solihull!
That's me and Wrexham, oooo and I bought a horrible pair of yellow trousers from there too, I cut them up and used the bits as dusters
I'm starting to see a pattern here Image
Have any amusing trouser related stories about Torfaen? (If you can find it Image )
Trouser-related tales from anywhere get my vote! Image

BertieBear, I lived in Newport for three years and used to love heading out into the surrounding areas, especially northwards Usk and Abergavenny way. Lovely area - was sorry to leave.
bertie, no I have never heard of that place, sounds like a made up wesh place name like Narnia, though I once took one of me mums tablets once and saw a lion, witch and wardrobe lol
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