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Hi all, I'm 35 and a carer for my mum. I just wondered what peeps here put on forms etc as whether they are employed or not. I stay at my mums twice per week and go round everyday for at least 6 hrs per day, so thats like 80n hrs per week, I do all the shopping cook all the meals, all the cleaning gardening blah blah blah yet on forms I think I have to put unemployed, as I receive carers allowance and income support. I work harder than alot of full time employed people yet am considered unemployed this makes me very angry!
If there's no option for it, I write in unpaid carer...............welcome to the forum Image
You're not the only one. If the 'employed' people had any idea...
If I can get away with it I tell people I'm full time employed as a carer and get £55 a week. Surprisingly I've not been questioned on it too much.
Anyhow, welcome to the forum Image
Hi Rich,how about putting student of life.Welcome to the forum,hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hello, welcome, you could always say you work for the government and they pay less than minimum wage. Image Image
Hi and welcome
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
thanks for the welcome and comments.
Hi, I have a part time job doing social research and most of my surveys allow for "Looking after the home or family" - it covers carers as well as full-time stay at home mums and dads, and people who live off a private income or are married to footballers, do a lot of nice lunches, and just like dusting the candelabra or polishing the jacuzzi. So what the heck, you could be in worse company!
oh la la I am in good company, though could I swap and be a footballers WAG...Joe Hart please as you may tell I am a homo, oh lord and I look after me ma......oh the cliches.
I was really wondering about what to put on a bank form to open a new bank account as I wanted to change bank, as although my bank at the moment is poo, I have overdraft facilities c/c etc with them....from when I used to work on decent money before giving up job to look after my mum. Joining a new bank the application form seems to leave me only able to put unemployed, and will mean I'll probably just get a basic account. It all just seems so unfair as i used to work half the hours I do looking after my mum, yet am considered unemployed and leaching off the state by the bank, and other institutions.
Even when I meet new people now and they ask what 'I do', I'm vaguely embarrassed as I say am a carer for my mum, and then 9 times out of 10 they'll say oh what did you do before....like looking after someone who is ill isn't worthwhile. I don't say oh your an accountant, what did you do before?
oh ignore me I am just rambling, I've bored meself I need a wine! Only the special offer stuff like as I can't afford the good stuff of Carers Allowance, however I find that if you get through half a bottle the other half tastes just like a bottle of Krystal champagne lol