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Hi folks I'm new here..been a carer for several years,like most carers I feel alone with no help from social services,just been left to get on with it. Now having problems with D.W.P, received a letter awarded e.s.a ,then a letter giving me the choice of I.s or e.s.a (claiming c.a then & now)when I rang D.W.P to ask why I'd been given a choice I was told it was because I am a carer& can stay on I.s,Iwas told iI would get my disability premium & the backpay,I waited for the payment & kept being given different dates it would be paid,then I found that I wasn't entitled to the disability premium.. I was purposely mislead by them as I would have claimed e.s.a had I been given the truth,have any other members had this problem & what was the outcome..many thanks.
Hiya Russell,
Have no experience of the things you were concerned about, but just like to say you are welcome on this site to yap about anything you want to. Just to make you feel that you aren't alone in your caring role. We are a friendly bunch who yap about anything, have a look at the other pages and you'll see.
Welcome anyway and take care.
Hi Russell and welcome to the forum.

The best people to give you advice are our very own Adviceline team = their contact details are here:


Often it is better to email your query as the phone lines are often over subscribed !