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Support for me help!

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Hi, my husband has be diagnosed with severe paranoid personality disorder it's been years of slowly getting worse and slowly getting the right help,he is now started to see a physiotherapist this is a stressful up hill journey of epic proportions iam so tired and feel so alone with no help or support for me I really don't know how much longer I can do this without help please anyone
Hi Helen
So sorry you are feeling so low and rotten. How old are you and hubby, if you don't mind the question? I'm afraid I cannot give you answers as I have no experience. However have you looked into Charities and Organisations for support and help. MIND for example. If you google your husband's condition, you may find some useful people pop up.
I'm sure others will be along with more suggestions but in the meantime here's one virtual hand to hold and a cyber ((hug)) too. You will find someone who will 'listen' here.
Hello Helen.
Afraid I haven't experience either, except for when my husband had paranoia through delirium. I know it was a terrible experience.
Like Elaine I'm sending you a hug. Someone will, I'm certain, be along to support you
Hi Helen, can I suggest you contact Social Services and ask for a Carers Assessment. I know there is a group in Hampshire for carers of someone with MH issues, maybe there is something similar where you live?
Helen, hi, I can't give you any advice, but I can give you sympathy. My mother had what we assumed in later life was paranoid schizophrenia (she was never formally diagnosed - this was way back in the sixties, and MH was a lot more 'under the radar' than now).....but it meant she genuinely and sincerely believed she was being followed around, spied on (usually via the TV and being 'bugged'), that 'things were going on' by way of 'plots against her' and nothing anyone could say could convince her otherwise. She believed it completely, and it dominated her life ....and therefore it dominated ours as well. (It took me years of my childhood to discover it wasn't actually true.....)

All I can say is that in about the last ten years of her life she seemed to 'calm down' a lot, and whether it was because she was finally taking meds (she'd usually refused - plying her with 'poison pills' as she saw it was part of the many plots against her....), or the meds had improved....but she had a peaceful 'sunset' of her life, and for that we were all very, very grateful. So maybe this condition does 'ease' over time?????

You mentioned physiotherpay - what about psychotherapy (or was that a mistype!?). What about meds? Is your husband 'cooperating' at all? It can make all the difference.

Wishing you as well as possible, at such a distressing time - kind regards, Jenny