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Drop foot syndrome after sepsis -Carers UK Forum

Drop foot syndrome after sepsis

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I'm a new person to The group. My daughter had sepsis and suffered a huge foot ulcer which took almost a year to heal. Hospitalised for about 5 months which was hard. She had to learn to walk again and climb stairs. 2 years on and very slow progress we no know through an MRI her drop foot and nerve damage will always remain. She also suffers with epilepsy and has cereballar atrophy. Recently moved house for more space to adapt bathrooms and doorways she has begun to give up and not try to do things for herself when previously she could. I have given up work and am now her full time carer. Any advice on how to move forward and make her life more fulfilling during these challenging times. Thank you for reading.

Mrs Mac :)
There is a wide variety of orthotics available for Drop Foot: have you discussed these with her GP or Consultant? The type that fits inside a shoe may require a larger style shoe to fit well.

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=drop+ ... 80&bih=561
Mrs Mac wrote:
Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:48 am

Mrs Mac :)
Hi Mrs Mac,

welcome to the forum.

Can I ask how old your daughter is?

Also, do you live in the same house?

Does the cereballar atrophy affect her speech as well as her mobility?

I suspect that now her progress has slowed or stopped she has realised that this is her reality now and this coupled with the pandemic is affecting her 'mojo' as we call it on Roll Call.

Could she do voluntary work? Even if you did together, it would improve her self worth, give her a purpose and help her see beyond her own situation. At the moment most voluntary work surrounds the pandemic - delivering food bags or meals, making up food bags, telephone befriending, supporting food banks etc Sit down jobs might be date labelling food donated to the food bank etc

Thank you that's really helpful.
I'm here with the similar question. You helped me a lot, thanks!
Covid, no holiday for ages, the cold weather, too cold to go out, have all combined to put me at a "low ebb".
It's a shame you gave up work to look after your daughter, she should have been given all the help she needed to live independently. One day you won't be able to care for her, she needs to find ways round what she cannot do.
Did she have her 6 weeks FREE Reablement Care?
Is she claiming PIP?