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New to forum. - Carers UK Forum

New to forum.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I live with and care for my elderly mother who's health is failing also her memory is deteriorating. She is becoming incontinent at times which it distressing for her. I also work full time nights and find it a struggle at times to care for her the way I would like. Very little help from family who's answer to the problem is to get carers in. I don't feel it is necessary just yet but would like to know what assistance I can get to make life more comfortable for mum. How do I go about getting commodes, continence aids and advice. I find I am always on at her to eat and drink which is upsetting for her and me but if I don't get her to eat and drink we have other issues to deal with. She has epilepsy with occasional seizures. There is only the two of us at home. Need advice but don't want carers in. Carers leave, how long can I have off from work? Need my job as only earner. Heart aching to watch her health failing.
Hi and welcome to the forum. What a lovely name to read on these dark winter days, at least its dark here.

The fact you admit to struggling is the point where you should now be looking at all your options before it becomes an emergency. If you click on this link, then look down left hand side, you will find a menu covering lots of information and advice.
There are several options open to you depending on if you/your mam qualifies for help so hope you find time to read the link and if any questions just come back here and ask. Usually someone around to help.

There are many members on this board who are caring for a parent and I am sure they will be along soon to welcome you too.

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Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hi and Welcome.
Hi Sunlover, and welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum...lots of us on here have the same sort of problems - and feelings!
Hope that you can get the help that you need x
Hi and welcome to the forum. Image