have to put in a complaint to the complaints officer from our local council and also to our m.p. i wouldnt mind our social worker sent in a care group a fortnight ago, we went through all our details even giving them our code for our key box as there package was absolutely brilliant. only to be told by the social worker that it was too expensive, surely social workers know how much before they send somebody out. have been told this morning by same social worker that they would go back to firm to see if they could get it reduced but he told me this a fortnight ago. when ive rung the care group up theyve heard nothing. now the caregroup are trying to sort something out for me and get back to me. what is this country coming to me, they give handouts everywhere, million pound mansions and rucks of money to outsiders as ill call them it makes my blood boil. m.p. s social workers what planet do they live on!