Don’t see myself as a Carer but I am

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I’ve been a member for a while but this is my first posting.
I ‘care’ for my Wife although I don’t see it as ‘caring’ as I took her as my Wife “in sickness & in health”.
She has COPD, arthritis in her legs, hands & spine as well as bulging discs; she uses 2 sticks to get around & we’re waiting for Wheelchair Services to contact us.
Today she was told that the hospital wants to redo her lung x-ray as they’ve found ‘something’.
This ‘something’ is either the remains of an infection or liquid on the lung but, as you’d except, the automatic assumption that popped into our heads was cancer.

I suppose the Doctor, who is very good & always tries his best for us, would’ve said it could be cancer if he suspected it was but he didn’t seem too fussed so, presumably, neither should we.
What I suppose I’m doing here is just venting, nothing we can do will change what the next x-ray will reveal so it’s pointless trying to second-guess a result of something that hasn’t happened yet.

As I say, I’m just venting....but thanks for ‘listening’ anyway.
Yes, Lee, you are most definitely a carer, judging by what you say about your wife. Caring is more than implied in your marriage vows and applies to both sides if appropriate. I hope that you have benefited from reading of cases on this forum since you joined. Some others may be in circumstances similar to yours. Do post again if there is any specific matter that you may wish to share with us.

Is your GP practice aware of your caring role? They can be a source of a lot of useful advice about local support schemes.
Hi Lee, welcome to the forum. Are you getting any help at all from Social Services. Is your wife getting Attendance Allowance?
Thanks for the comments Denis & Bowlingbun.
Yes, I’m getting support & we’re up to date with what we can, reluctantly, claim thanks.
Just waiting around for results of another x-ray on the Wife’s lung as there is ‘something’ there but they don’t know what...never rains, it pours.
Before I started caring for my dad, I thought that carers were seldom related to the person they were actually caring for, & more nurses, who lived totally different lives whilst away from their "patient", but now, I realise that carers are usually family members or friends.

I've been caring for my dad since February, & things seemed OK at the time,but I'm starting to feel emotional lately.

That's why I joined this today, & like you, I vented.

But I can assure you right now, that you are a carer & a caring person.

You do all that trained, stranger carers would do & more. It's something to be proud of.

I really hope your wife's doctor can bring you some hopeful news. The worry is so hard to bear, especially when you have to wait.

I wish you both all the best.
Hi Jennifer, welcome to the forum. What outside help are you getting, i.e. from Social Services? have you had a Carers Assessment yet?