Does anyone know about C4C ( Counselling for Carers)?

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I have found it horribly difficult to come to terms with the fact that my partner's illnesses have cost me my career amongst other things and have been offered the services of C4C - this is in Devon, and I wonder if anyone else has a similar service and if they found it useful??
It is a 'for payment' service but the amount is voluntary between £10 - £35 depending on what you can afford - if on means tested benefits it is just £5. They come to you if you can't get to them.....
Please have the counselling, ask for it to be specifically aimed at what worries/upsets you most.
I still regret that my life changed for ever the day M was brain damaged when he was born. Years later we found out that the midwife was unqualified, without supervision, in a major teaching hospital!
We had such a wonderful life, one big adventure, when we were first married.
I always try to remember that it's not M's fault in any way, he has the worst life sentence of all, not being able to read, write, do any maths, or drive on the road.
Definitely go for the counselling. Be warned, the first few sessions will probably feel like a complete and utter waste of time, you have to go through that bit. However, if you keep a diary and write down how you feel afterwards, hopefully it will help.
You and the counsellor need to become comfortable with each other, it was weeks before I told him how I was feeling, even then I couldn't do it face to face, I wrote it down for him. He was stunned with what he read, and asked "Is this really how you feel? If so, why do you always seem chirpy?"
I explained that it was the only way I could get through the day, burying my feelings.
Their web site :

Signpoints to said site also through other charity organisations in the area.
Don't know this particular set up, but do echo the sentiments that counselling is good. I had some as a young adult and a few times since. Sounds a bargain but if you find you aren't comfortable with one particular counseller, dont be afraid to ask to change.