Does anybody know how to get around this problem?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but my daughter is in her assessment phase for ESA & luckily has avoided the WCA or medicals & will be placed in the support group, after I sent in a tome of medical info with her ESA50 form lol.
However, I think ATOS are now finished?? There was a new company involved in the scrutiny of my daughter's forms... 'medica...something'?? So just a thought, but possibly this company won't be the animals that ATOS were... maybe that will comfort your brother a little. We can but hope. xx
Hi Lisa, thanks for the response. You and your daughter have been very lucky, it's very nice to hear and long may it continue. In over twenty years of claiming for my brother, we've only once not had to attend an assessment and that was for his DLA last time when he was awarded a lifetime award (at the same time as ATOS said there was nothing wrong with him except that he was insane!), just before they changed the rules saying that he will now have to attend again anyway under PIP and waste even more public money re-assessing people that the NHS have written off.
I keep hearing rumours that ATOS are no more but I haven't seen it yet, it's still ATOS harassing us. As for any new group that takes over, I'm sure it would be the exact same people I'm afraid, they'll just hire the ATOS staff as they have "experience" of the job.
Sorry Lisa and all, but I'm finding it very difficult to find anything positive just now, I'm just losing the will to fight for justice, but I guess that's the point of the system.
Don't assume everyone thinks your lying scum as they don't you and your brother know the truth my son is too young to go through the process but I am assumes it is a reassesmemt of benefits, have you tried through NHS to claim he is unable to attend due to his specific difficulties, or explain the problems to specialists involved have you googled in your Area for charity that help with disability benefits we have one here could dial but it could be worth trying as they know the laws inside out good luck though and try not to give up however difficult