DLA - Care element

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My Mum has Alzheimers and is in a care home. She was self funding up to about 18 months ago. We had social services round doing the financial assessment when her money got down to the £23,500 threshold. I provided social services with all the information of mums money and income. Mum was receiving Disability Living Allowance, both for mobility and the care element at higher rate. I informed social services of this. However, for some reason I have lately been thinking that now that Local Authority are funding Mums care home placement and she is putting her pension towards that, is Mum allowed to keep the Care element. It's over £300 a month so don't have to touch Mum's capital in the bank. I am worried about spending this money and have been wondering lately have social services finance department made a mistake and should they have stopped Mum receiving this. I phoned citizen advice and they said she was entitled to keep the care element of her DLA (I do know she is allowed to keep the mobility element) but the girl I spoke to didn't really seem that sure and I wasn't convinced. Can someone put my mind a t rest please.
Please ring/email our Carers UK helpline for a definitive answer, but in the meantime, do not touch the DLA care money any more.
You are required by the DWP, both pensions and DLA Unit to advise them of any "change of circumstances" Have you done so?
Have Social Services done a formal Financial Assessment, with a written copy of their calculations as to how their charges work out? If you are paying the home directly at the moment, discuss this with SSD.
Do you have Power of Attorney or DWP "Appointeeship"?