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Difficulty getting my mum a Care Act assessment in North Lin - Carers UK Forum

Difficulty getting my mum a Care Act assessment in North Lin

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I'm a new carer for my mum as my dad died a few weeks ago. I'm experiencing a lot of difficulty in getting a care assessment for my mum. She is struggling to manage her home, struggles with paperwork and needs support to access health appointments. I live 200 miles away so I go up every weekend. North Lincolnshire council keep telling me as she can dress herself and use the microwave they won't do an assesssment. I think is incorrect and the Care Act states she is entitled to an assessment which looks at all aspects of her life. I am at the end of my tether dealing with the council. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
You need to write a letter to the Director of Social Services for Lincolnshire, send Special Delivery, making a formal complaint, that mum needs help now as she has no one to help her (Don't say you go every weekend). Give details of her age, disability, disability benefits, etc.
This should do the trick, staff usually act promptly if their Director becomes involved as they see their career prospects being harmed!
If you'd like to tell us more about mum's situation, we can probably help.
Ange, hi and welcome. First of all please accept my condolences in respect of your father. That in itself would be grievous to deal with, let alone with a mum in need of care.

I have to say I myself don't know the ins and outs of assessments, but there are plenty of folk on the forum who do, and I know they will be here soon. Also, the team of experts on Carers UK itself will definitely know. It's best to email them, apparently, as the helpline is often over busy. But let's see what the 'forum experts' say first!

You won't need me to tell you that, these days, the absolute priority of councils, SS and the NHS is NOT to help those who need it, but simply to save money by denying help (or saying it isn't necessary!!!!!)

All to often, one has to fight and force them to accept their responsibilities.

One general piece of advice that comes through on the forum over and over again is always to record EVERY conversation with the state'- in telephone calls ask their name, and get an email address for their department (and them, if you can get it!), and then always write an email just after the call saying 'Further to our phone conversation just now, you have told me that.....'

That way, later on, they can't deny it - and if they say you got it wrong, well they should have corrected you!

Although it's a pain, all written corresponsdence that isnt' email (which is automatically 'recorded') should be sent by recorded mail so, again, can't say they never got it (delaying tactics are well known.....!) (and just general overwork and inefficiency....)

In pravtical terms, what help would you like your mum to have now, irrespective of what the assessment might indicate? How is she coping with having lot her husband so recently - that's a heavy, heavy burden to bear.

PS - remember, and tell SS/council etc as necessary, you have NO legal duty of care for your mum whatsoever! You do NOT have to help, step in, ride to the rescue, sort out anything or pay for anything! Councils CANNOT 'make' you do anything at all - sometimes we have to remind them of that. They are desperate for families to 'do it all' and are happy to let us remain in ignorance of our own right NOT to care!
Ah, BB beat me to it!

Log all your calls, so that you have a 'running order' of who you phoned, when, and what was said etc - it's very useful to have it set out on an A4 piece of paper (or lots of them!)
Once I know who to contact, I get their email address, and ask them not to phone, but email me, as my garden's long and I can't get to the phone in time/hear the phone when I'm in the workshop. All true, but the real reason is getting a written reply for evidence. It's vital to record everything, I even print emails off. Everthing goes in a ring binder, with monthly Mylar dividers. I have frightened many people with my memory and filing details, but had many compliments too. It just depends which side of the fence they are sitting on!!!
Disgraceful -. getting dressed and using microwave are their assessment criteria for an assessment! Sounds like you are familiar with the concept of activities of daily living. It would be helpful to go down the ADL list and note examples of what mum can't do saline or has difficulty doing and what risks that poses.

Remember these assessments are used to screen you out of benefits, not necessarily qualify you.

When they do set up an evaluation, it would be best for you to be present.
Thank you all for your replies and the welcome. Apologies for not replying sooner but life has been difficult. I now have the Royal British Legion involved in advocating for my mum as I reached the end of my tether with North Lincolnshire council. Sadly they are ignoring the advocate too at the moment but a formal complaint has been lodged by her as of Tuesday 12th June so hopefully that galvanises them to fulfil their legal obligation to conduct a care assessment. Wish it wasn't a battle.
Hi Ange ... the situation as so described is , regretably , not unique.

Care Act ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... 2014-27850

Not worth the paper it is written on IF the provisions therein are not being followed by an LA.

Pure snake oil for far too many ... and it's continuing to be sold as the " Cure for all ails " by those who had a hand in brewing it in the first place.

In turn , there is always the Local Government Ombudsman ... the Watchdog for the LAs.

http://www.complaintexpert.co.uk/can-we ... aints.html

In essence , if the Watchdog can only achieve a 27% satisfaction rating from complainants , what then ?

Put the two together and ... situations like Ange's are far too commonplace.

Outside of CarerLand , nobody appears to be concerned at all.

Either for us or ... the Law.
Is mum on any income related benefits. If so she might be entitled to Legal Aid.
Hi Ange
Sorry you are having to fight so hard, but stick on in there. Don't let them grind you down.
You are doing well.