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Desperate for Sleep

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Robin, they can only make charges after a formal financial assessment has been completed. Did they do this? It usually takes about an hour, with a finance officer, not a social worker, asking to see evidence of all income and outgoings, so you would certainly have been involved. Usually, if the person concerned has savings below about £16,000, they just make a contribution towards the cost of the care, or nothing. Make sure they follow their own rules!
Yes we had a finacial assessment with an officer, a lady who was very nice and helpful.
£500 is a pitance these days and Mum should not have to pay a penny. We didn't and we had just over £1000 between us, but only Jill's money was taken into account not mine.
Did you have a proper assessment Robin, cos if not then you must ask for one asap.
Please dont pay out a penny until you've had one.
Hi I'm new on here but after seeing your post it brought back memories of my nan who had alzheimers and dementia. She gradually began to stop sleeping at night times. It's called sun downing. Not sure if you have heard of it before or not but they essentially become noc tural for some reason. Because of the confusion. My nan used to sleep on and off all day but would be up and very distressed during the night times. I would keep on at your gp to help or if not have u tried to contact the community nurses ad we found them more helpful than the gp or social services combined.
and one last thing , they are now insisting mum has someone come in and wash and dress her , when i said it not needed, the social replied , you don't have power of attorney so we making that decision...

so why i'm against it ? well firstly mums always clean as i supervise her ...
2. in the mornings sometimes i can have a lie-in as mum is still sleeping

3. once mum is washed and dressed she wants to go out !!, and you have to go because she gets so distressed trying to open the front door or the windows...

and one last thing they asked for the receipts for 2013... i was shocked as I didn't get funding for mum in 2013...
This is sounding really ridiculous now Robin. All this crap cant be right?
I think I'll put your link up on the main forum and see if anyone else can offer you better advise, though Bowlingbun is very knowledgeable, I can vouch for that.
here's a fragment of a email I received...

Hi Robin,

I have discussed your email with the manager and unfortunately we need to continue with the morning visit. The decision is that it is in her best interest and needs to be done to ensure her personal hygiene is attended to.

As we discussed at a previous visit; as you do not have Lasting Power of Attorney over her Welfare and as she does not have the capacity to make decisions regarding her care, a best interest decision is made to ensure that her needs are met.

I can come see you if you would like to discuss this further.
Robin, I've posted a link to this thread on 'Members Corner' and 'General Chit Chat', so I hope someone will help you better than I can.
in reference to bowlingbun , they completed financial assessment on Friday then passed me a note to show what I got to pay ...

I got to let mum go, sadly i cannot continue with the stress for starters and the monies issues are not going away.. Putting mum into a home and all this disappears...
Robin, ask for advocacy in your own right.
Robin, I agree that you can't go on without any sleep, especially as you have health issues yourself. Mum's financial contribution is presumably based on her income alone? Pension plus Attendance Allowance, leaving her about £20-£30 per week for personal spending? This is roughly the normal charge for residential care. Domiciliary care, i.e. care provided to mum in her own home, is charged differently.
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