Denture(s) gone missing in Care Home..

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hi, yes still having issues sadly at the home that social services bluntly refuse to move my mother and she even been put into safe guarding , social services have gone very quite ...

My latest issue with the the home is the fact my mums dentures have gone missing and it's really causing her problems eating her food , the nurse there remarked mums gums are tough but on Saturday she couldn't even eat her favourite sausages now i 'm concerned, Am i right in saying they should pay for replacements if they are not found ?

Thank you for the wonderful advise I have been given to date ...
They've been negligent. They have a duty of care, have breached that duty, and there's been resultant damage. They should put mum back in the position she was in before the breach, ie sort out new dentures. I suspect if you write along these lines a thorough search will be undertaken and the teeth will "reappear"!
slightly off topic but when Mum in the care home and needed new dentures the dentist advised that the new ones be engraved with her name to ensure they didn't go missing or end up in someone else's mouth ! The dental technician (the one who makes the dentures) can do this easily and it saves a lot of hassle/problems should they go 'missing'.