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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Looks as if I have done the right thing by joining this forum, lot of nice people.
Hello Tony and welcome to the forum - you are amongst friends Image Like Susie, my mother has dementia and drives me round the bend most times! Many people here can relate to how you feel. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing? x

I have also applied for Council Tax reduction.


My mother's Psychiatrist wrote to the Council on her behalf and she is now EXEMPT from Council Tax on grounds of severe mental impairment.

Council are aware that I live with her but as her main Carer this is disregarded and we don't have to pay anything. (she even received a £570 refund)
Here is the hardest part! when is enough is enough? My wife is terrified of being placed in a nursing home, and it appears that she is at stage 6. How do you all get a break from 24/7?I have promised her I will look after her, but I am struggling to keep going without respite, apart from the day that Volcare have given me.
Hi all, my wife has drove me potty for the last two days! Took her for a ride and she messed about with her seat belt and refused to listen when I asked her to put it back on.
Today she is going through all her clothes and throwing out various items which I have rescued and put away. Anne is getting more and more confused and there seems to be no relief.
Saddest thing is I know there is no cure and I feel I am just waiting on hold. We did everything together and my Daughter-in-law cannot understand why I am reluctant to place her in home.
Life is a bitch.
Hi Tony,

I really do think that you need to get some more respite time for yourself. Please try Crossroads or get a Carers Assessment (for yourself) from Social Services - both can provide 'sitters' for a few hours every week so that you can get out and about on your own and give you time to recharge your batteries. you will have to be strong and over-ride Anne's aversion to having paid Carer's in the house; if you get sick through stress who will look after her then ?

I am lucky in that my sister comes for a few hours twice a week so that I can get out otherwise I'd go 'stir crazy' as it would only be Mum & me 24/7.
Thanks Susieq, I have a day booked on the 9th June and try to slipmout for a 1/2 hour shop. But Anne slippedon stairs today so I have another worry. She did not hurt herself but what a lucky escape!
Perhaps we could set up a carers society where we would bein touch with each other locally and maybe be able to help each other out. Might work