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Dementia - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, my name is Tony and I look after my wife full time. Anne had a reaction to an operation and received brain damage causig vascular dementia. It is a great sshock as her condition has got infinitely worse in past month, we have been married for 55 years and she is struggling to recognise me.
I get a young lady once a month to give a days respite, but Anne objects to her being here.
Hope I can get some support from here.
Welcome aboard Tony. There are quite a few members here caring for loved ones with various forms of dementia. I am sure some will be along soon to add their greetings too.

In the meantime , take a look at this link if you get time.You might find something of interest there

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Thanks for support, it helps immensely to read others problems.
Hi Tony and welcome to the forum.

As Rosemary said lots of us on here are caring for someone with one form of dementia or another. So we understand what you are going through - I care for my Mum who has Alzheimer's and we have just got to the stage where often she's not sure who I am ! It'snot easy to deal with is it ?

Do have a look at eh Alzheimer's website - they have information on all the different types of dementia not just Alzheimer's and there's a lot of useful information there.

Do you get any support other than once a month ? Really you should try to get more 'me' time - if you haven't already had one you should get yourself a Carer's Assessment to highlight YOUR needs.

There is also an organisation called Crossroads which can provide support for Carers in many different ways.
Hi Susieq? I am registered with Crossroads, but have heard nothing yet! I get help from volcare which is a Government run service and is free to me, just want a donation!! Anne gets the top attendance allowance which helps. I have also applied for Council Tax reduction.
Had a bonus last week, my wife came on golf course with me, on a buggy, which she seemed to enjoy and am hoping to do it again, and get a round in, which I miss. Was playing 3 times a week!!
Thanks again
Hello Tony and welcome

I'm so pleased to know your wife was able to go out with you on the golf course. I know what it is to miss your favourite sport - my husband was a keen golfer but with his Parkinsons he had to give it up and for me to play instead, with him in the buggy, was not the fulfillment he needed although the country surroundings were. And the 19th hole was always something to look forward to.

As Susieq says dementia takes all forms and it isn't easy to deal with and caring full time so I hope you are able to find some time for yourself as well.
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