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I'm new!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone,
I care for my dear husband of 44 years whose health has been declining for the last six years although It is only since December that I have become a full time carer. He is in hospital again at the moment and I spend quite a lot of the afternoon with him as he is finding things difficult.
He is waiting for a CIC bed in a rehabilitation home as he isn't well enough to come home but there is a big backlog apparently. It looks as if he will have to have dialysis three times a week fo life so things are going to get tougher I think.
I love walking and am averaging over 20 miles per week walking to and from the hospital every day but all other activities are on hold.
Carers Leeds has proved very supportive already but we are all just waiting at the moment!
Hey Monica

Welcome! Really sorry to hear about your husband. Really glad your local carers organisation is being helpful.

Great idea to walk to the hospital to keep your fitness up. REALLY important to look after yourself too. Is there anyone else who can visit your husband so you could take a day off? Would be good to recharge your batteries some times. Meet up with friends for a coffee, or whatever else you like to do. My Dad was in hospital and then rehab unit for 6 months and every day became too much. There is no shame in that.

Also really important that he doesn't come home until you feel confident you have the support in place you need to cope at home. This is called an unsafe discharge. I.e it risks the patient being readmitted. But sounds as though you are a way off this point yet.

Best of luck
Do you think you are in receipt of all your may be entitled too.
Just in case both are needed.

The bible on hospital discharges ... and ... an online benefits calculator :

https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-se ... -hospital/

In short ... by the book or ... NO DISCHARGE !

Thank you for the replies and information. it all seems rather overwhelming at the moment. I tried the calculator and suspect we are not entitled to anything as we both have work and state pensions.
The people at Carers leeds seem to very well informed about the correct discharge as the hospital were definitely leaving me out of the loop. I think things are going to happen within the next few weeks but everything is so "up in the air" at the moment.
Just to rejoin my walking group on a Saturday occasionally would be wonderful but I don't know if it is going to be possible.
Hi Monica
Have you downloaded the PDF from LEEDS.gov
https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Help%20to ... 0costs.pdf

Please be aware, one very important sentence in here is
From April 2019, no one has to pay more than £453.00 per week no matter how many services they receive, regardless of their financial circumstances.
In my time as a carer the limit was under £300.00 so it has gone up BUT I don’t think many local authorities do this.
This will help with your budgeting for care costs at home and allow you to accept any and all you are offered in the way of a care package for hubby and extra care to help your needs which costs over and above the £453.00 per week.
PS If you are really sure there's too much money in his name to qualify for any SS payment, you don't have to have a financial assessment. My Mum didn't but still got contributions over the cap set at the time.
Thank you Elaine. I've downloaded the document and will study it this weekend. A quick glance through makes me think my days of all day walking with the Ramblers are over - it all looks very expensive!!!!!
Will definitely need help to sort it all out I suspect.
Don't forget about Attendance Allowance which is a TAX FREE social security benefit which IS NOT MEANS TESTED (doesn't matter if you have won the lottery!!!) and is for people over the age of 60 who need help with personal care.

The telephone number to ask for a claim form is 0800 7310122..

Kind regards

Joan x
Also, another point to rember is NHS Continuing Health Care. . This is Free funding (depending on outcome of assessment) . Again NOT MEANS TESTED

PLEASE "Google " . You really need to know about it..

Ask your local social services for the assistance of a social worker who will be able to assist you.

My mum has just been awarded Continuing Health Care which is such a relief as she would have been deemed as self funding and her house would have had to have been sold. But it was my determination and perseverance and doing my research into this benefit that she has finally been awarded it..