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Hi new and nervous - Carers UK Forum

Hi new and nervous

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm caring for my husband, although he would deny this!
One way and another I am nervous about posting details because its taken a long time to face up to some facts and its still a very sensitive area.
Not sure whether aforum is the right way forward or not.

At least I've made a start.

Look I know you dont know me from Adam, but let me just say this. I am so very glad that you HAVE picked up the courage to make this move. I am so very glad you have found your way here. Its okay to be nervous and unsure about all sorts. All of us here are struggling one way or another. Believe me.

You know, you can share as much, or as little as you like. You are welcome and valued here either way. All of us here understand what its like being a Carer. Especially the emotional side of things. Thats often the hardest to deal with somehow. And you know that.

Anyway, I want to say welcome. And I do mean welcome. Pleased you made this first step. Take your time. And my very best wishes to you....

Welcome to the forum Lostforever - sounds like you're at a bit of a low ebb at the moment. Not surprising - caring can be really tough, emotionally and physically, and you can experience a whole range of emotions (some of which you'd never believe you could feel!). There are plenty of people here who understand what you're going through and can offer virtual 'tea and sympathy'.

Hope things start to improve soon - keep us posted.

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Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum. I found it hard joining and making that first post. Look forward to reading more from you.

Hi and welcome Image
Post as little or as much as you want, whatever you are comfortable with, you'll find lots of support Image
Hi and welcome.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun.I use it a lot,just to grab a few minutes to chat with someone,pick up information,play a game.There is no risk about confidentiality,i don`t know any more about you than you care to post.All people know about me is that i care for my parents,use the Fun and Games section a lot,and have a mad cat called Malice.So relax and enjoy and i`m sure you will benefit. Image Image Image
Hi ,
Hi and welcome
Hey, welcome to the forum Lostforever, I can only say that I totally agree with the welcome comments and sentiments of my fellow Forum Chums. You feel, unsure ans a little overwhelmed, and even, 'lost for ever'. I know you will find this Forum a warm supportive and non judgmental place to rant, shout,cry, giggle and laugh, we all do all of those things from time to time.

Who knows you might even find that you want to change you 'handle' to 'Nowi'mfound'

Best wishes Jimbo xx
Welcome to the forum.

You will find us to be a great bunch of companions.

Post as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. If we ask prying questions to try and help you with a situation then you can use the private message facility to contact any one of us directly. There is a section which only members can access if that helps, and I have kept my husband anonymous, as his request by referring to him as my OH, hubby etc.,

Nothing, absolutely nothing you will say or do here will shock us here, and we welcome newcomers with open arms and hope we can help them along the carers pathway, usually made of eggshells!!

Take care