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Dads money is running out! - Carers UK Forum

Dads money is running out!

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I have posted on here before, I help look after my Dad along with a team of carers. His bill for January was over a thousand pounds! He has help 3 times a day and it is all very essential to his safety. Nevertheless, his saving are gradually running out, he lives in his own house and wants to stay there for as long as physically possible. I was wondering if he would be entitled to any help to pay the carers bill each month> Has anyone any ideas Image
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It sounds like the care that your Dad is getting has been arranged privately. If you were to get care via Social Services they will carry out a financial assessment and your Dad will be asked to contribute according to his financial situation. Thats the route you ought to take now from what you say. Do contact them on Monday. Social Services now tends to be called Adult Services and is part of your local council.

One possible alternative would be to consider an equity release loan in order to free up capital to help with care costs. But you should do this only after taking good advice.

I strongly suggest that Social Services is the way to proceed. However, if Social Services has already been involved in arranging the current care package then you need to ask them for a new financial assessment.

Hope things are going okay for you both otherwise.

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Thanks Robert, yes I have arranged Dads care privately. I will get on to Social Services Monday.
Thanks again.
You're very welcome...

Maybe let us know here how things go ?

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Welcome from me too.

Hope social services can help you with a reasonable care package for your Dad.

Take care
When my mum had a financial assessment I seem to recall that she could have help towards care costs as long as her savings were less than around £20,000, to give you a very rough guide. Have a benefits check to make sure both you and dad are receiving all the benefits which you are entitled to - sometimes there is help out there, but no promises I'm afraid! DON'T go for an equity release loan or sell the house, because then your dad will have to pay all his care costs. If his condition is very bad, so he needs specialist nursing care, then he might get help from Health, I think it's called Continuing Care. Google would know. That's a bit involved but I know it helps some people. Hope that helps a bit. Take care.