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Could we be made homeless by sibling - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Could we be made homeless by sibling

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New today: been given notice to vacate home by 23 September! What do we do now?


Hmm, I take it this is your sister giving you notice?

BUT, I don't think, you know, it can be effective. First of all, please contact Citizens Advice tomorrow morning, and say you are being threatened with eviction in less than a month - it's an urgent enquiry. Do the same with Shelter as well. If you feel you have the finances, phone up a solicitor and explain the situation and say you would like to buy some legal advice - will cost several hundred pounds I think, but it could (hopefully) stamp this 'threat' out for good.

EVEN IF you and your partner are living in your father's house 'by adverse possession' (ie, you have no 'legal right' to be there)(and that is questionable for a start!), you can't just be 'evicted' easily or simply!

From what I recall, IF you had a lease that is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, my understanding is that a 'landlord' (presumably this is your sister acting on behalf of her father via PoA??), you are entitled, I think (??) to TWO months notice.

https://www.gov.uk/private-renting-tena ... ur-tenancy

If you DON'T have a tenancy agreement then I think it is even harder to evict you, and certainly slower, and more expensive for the landlord.

Also, on what grounds are you being evicted? (eg, non-payment of rent, etc etc.)

To be honest, I suspect this is an 'opening salvo' by your sister, a 'scare tactic' to get you out of the house. Not entirely sure why she wants to do this? Is it just because she doesn't think it's fair that you live 'free' in your father's house but are 'refusing' to care for him in exchange?

What does she want to do with the space you and your partner occupy? Does she want to hire a full-time carer for your father (since she doesn't want him to go into a care home?) and she needs 'your space' for the full time carer?

Does she want to move her father into a care home and then sell his house to pay the fees?

Or is this just 'vindictive' on her part?

Above all, don't panic. By and large, getting tenants out who are unwilling to move voluntarily is not easy! I do think you need professional proper advice. I guess one 'danger' is that while you are both out at work, she'll come round and change the locks so you can't get back in? I suspect she doesn't have a right to do this, as even without a written tenancy I believe you MAY have a 'de facto' tenancy - and that means that until you are LEGALLY evicted, a landlord cannot prevent you from living in the property!

I do wonder what is behind your sister's extraordinary hostility to you? I can only think she believes you've 'exploited' your father by living 'free' in his house, without now 'paying' for your accommodation by looking after him. If that is so, and she has a point, I guess, then why not 'pay' some rent by way of contributing to council tax (though with dementia that sum is reduced anyway), do maintenance on the house, clean it, etc etc etc, and even pay some monetary rent to your father.

it's all very bitter and sad I must say.

but definitely don't panic at this stage!
Call Shelter tomorrow. An office I worked in once, dealt with people who were possibly going to be made homeless. The Golden Rule was DO NOT MOVE OUT until there is a court order. You could also notify the housing officer at your local Council. They can be very useful, the ones who deal with the rules concerning lawful letting etc. On the positive side, if it's dated 23rd September that suggests to me that dad won't be back on Bank Holiday Monday. She's really not a very nice sister is she?! (The polite way of saying what I'd really like to say!!!)
No she's not very nice...at the moment anyway. My partner has a few words to describe her.
So much for family *sigh* will contact Shelter and try Care UK again but not yet had an email response so I'll try and call at lunch.
At least we know where we stand and will find out our legal rights. :o
Go to the .GOV website and search for "private tenancy evictions". Lots of really simple, good guidance. Apparently a lot depends on the sort of tenancy you have, and when it started. If you pay rent, make sure you keep paying it.
Had to contact Office of Public Guardian as not only are we being evicted potentially in 20 days now, by my sister, but also she keeps 'reminding/harassing' us to leave. Says she is going to get courts involved which will make it difficult to rent in the future as we look like difficult tenants....Is that a threat or what? That was the last straw...I don't know what she is using dad's money for if she is so desperate to sell this house. She paid for him to go on holiday to Jamaica with them using his money for his trip. This could have been used for his care. My dad's welfare is the most important, as she is not acting in his best interests, but in HER best interests. Any more advice appreciated. :!:
Go to the .gov.uk website and search for "evicting tenants". This is very well explained, and I think your sister may be guilty of "harassment". Have a look as soon as possible to work out which bits are relevant in your case.
I didn't think POA gave you a free licence to spend someone's money?
What is happening to you is awful, I know your Dad is ill, but does he talk about either of you? Have you asked what he wants.....? Ask him to write something or say something to your sister as she obviously doesn't have his best interests at heart.
It's heart-breaking when things like this happen (I'm in a similar but not so bad situation), family members just see £ £ £ and go crazy...