i`m new to the forum but am getting close to breaking point after caring for my mum for about 8 years,. she cant walk far, is deaf but thinks we whisper, and has dementia.
the main problem is she refuses to have carers,meals on wheels etc and wants my brother and i to do everything. phones about 20 times a day despite the fact that one of us goes there every evening. i think my main problem is being guilty at the resentment i feel. she s very ungrateful and has never helped me with anything.shes always been a very self absorbed character. i feel she ruined my childhood and is now ruining my later years.also cant abandon her as no other help there. does everyone feel guilty when they do their duty but not really wanting to? she is quite nasty to me sometimes .the real problem i suppose is tiredness as i work as well,but cant afford to give up and dont want to as like working. what to do?