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Caring for wife and child - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Caring for wife and child

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Currently in Northumberland, but looking at moving to Aberdeenshire soon...

Telephone therapy is not possible as anxiety stops her answering the phone.

We know she needs long term help.

The longest she ever had support was 1 year, she was getting somewhere but on the 1 year anniversary they dropped her as funding only allowed 1 year. . .

I completely understand that the NHS is massively underfunded, sadly private is unaffordable for us.

She has spoken about voluntary commitment to a mental hospital to maybe get long term help.
If she is scared of the phone, would she talk over the computer? eg, Skyping?

Why can someone not be with her during the phone/Skype sessions? (Sorry if I've misunderstood your sistuaton) (it just seems frustrating not to be able to use a medium of accessing therapy, because of fear of that particular medium itself)

She’s never explained properly why she doesn’t talk on the phone.
She goes into a complete panic mode if she has to.
I tried videocalling her when I was out to try and get her used to the concept of videocalling, but that actually made things worse. . .
She can text, and I know she tried apps like 7cups (not proper therapy, but at least she was venting).
She just gave up due to people being unhelpful

She doesn’t want to open up with me there (and she doesn’t socialise with anyone that isn’t me), she just wants 1 to 1 and face to face ...

We have someone from mental health team that she saw just over a week ago for a first appointment that promised to see her again soon as a matter of priority.

I know it’s frustrating, she’s been rapidly going downhill mentally and physically and I can’t find any help at all.
If your wife is seeing someone from Mental Health services, is there a key worker/care co Ordinator, someone to make sure your wife gets the help she needs?

I had a friend with schizophrenia and he had a CPN visit weekly, community Pyschiatric nurse, can you ask for a CPN, they might be able to pull a few strings.

I presume you are with Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, looking at their website, they do psychological wellbeing services for people who are worried and stressed.

There is a phone number, have you tried this?

There are around my area general Wellbeing nurses , they visit assess and provide help support signposting etc, they are only 3 months but worth a try.

They help the unpaid carer and the caree, there is a big try and get people better in my town, reduce costs for the Care Services and NHS

I think like you say I live in a big town, loads of services, charitys to help with most needs, just counting counselling services at least 5 in my town.

Have you tried the pals Team with the Mental Health Services?

Theres a few more pointers, I have exactly the same problem, a caree with physical health problems AND PTSD but getting little support from the NHS, they have gone private- well off relative. But still having a lot of issues.

I saw on the News Soldiers are having the same problems, coming back from war with PTSD but simply unable to access the help/support they need