hi. I'm working in a carehome. does anyone take their dog?

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My dog is very calm and loving. The residents would adore him. They have a cat. How do I go about bringing my dog with me? Any advice?
Charlotte hi - just to let you know, I appreciate that the title alone of the website doesn't distinguish between professional and family carers, but in fact this forum is for family carers! So isn't really targeted at professional carers such as yourself.

However, in respect of taking your dog in, I guess first and foremost it must be at the discretion/permission of the care home, so I would raise the issue with your immediate suprerior, or ask the manager what the policy is (You might like to ask the resident cat but I expect it will have strong view of its own ho ho ho!) (my cat certainly would! :) ).

There may well be health and safety issues etc, but on the other hand, maybe even if you aren't allowed to bring your dog in every day (after all, where would it be while you were working, eg, helping to hoist a patient, or at mealtimes etc etc etc), you might be allowed to bring it in say one afternoon a week??

I definitely agree that many patients would love to see a dog and gain great cheer from it - I know at my MIL's first care home relatives would sometimes bring their dogs in (by agreement with the home's manager) and many of the residents liked to pet and stroke it. Also her current home has two resident cats who make themselves very much at home in the rooms, in the lounges and so on, and are favourites with many residents.

That said, of course some residents may NOT like animals at all - and some may also be allergic??

Hoping you get a positive answer from you manager - all the best to you.
Hi Charlotte
That is a lovely idea but I am assuming you mean for short visits to willing residents rather than taking him along with you every day for work which I fear would be inpractical.
Has your dog had any training, have you considered pat dog training for him? If not perhaps have a word with your manager and maybe show her some articles you have researched on the benefits to the residents of being able to have a dog visit them.
I recently had my dad in a lovely respite home and when the assessment was done , I asked if they had any dogs visiting and they said yes they did have one or two pop in and the manager doing the assessment said she would take hers in.
When I collected Dad at the end he said he hadn't seen a dog all week and that was one of the saddest things.
I think that is lovely of you. I am guessing speak to your manager. Maybe it would be best to have it as a regular activity so those that like dogs get a chance to see him/her and those that don't like them can be out of the way and not upset by him/her. And it would be also something for residents to look forward to each week. My Dad was in a rehab unit for a while that had dog visits when were really appreciated and valued by many of the patients. Good luck, I hope you can organise it.