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caring for the elderly - Carers UK Forum

caring for the elderly

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I care for my mil (86).
She has dementia
She remembers things from the past but can't remember the present day some days are good .
Now she's just been in respite for 13days since coming back she's gone off her food and will not drink much she's been a good eater before would eat 3 course meal if you give it to her now she jut pushes food round the plate . Also having probs getting her take her tablets she spits them in to the glass of water . .
I just need someone to talk too when i'm having bad days with so i'm hoping i can make friends on here that understand my probs .
Theres only me to care for her as my hubby is an only one ,our children are 23and 29 and find it hard to see there nan this way .
Sorry to go on i'll leave it for now .
Thank you to those that read this message .

Hello Cassie, welcome to the forum.

Do your children still live at home, and if not, do you have contact often?If not, then you must miss them being an active part of your life. Dementia is very difficult for everyone. Look on one of the other topics, "The Archers", as there are a few Carers there, who will understand what you live with.
Hi Cassie and welcome Image
hi cassie

welcome to the forum

Hi Cassie

Welcome to the forum.

There are quite a few of us on here caring for elderly relatives so we know where you're coming from. Feel free to vent your frustrations here - we've all been there, done that and most of us have the T shirt as well Image

My Mum is 85 and apart from various mobility problems also has dementia and like your Ma-In-law the memory comes and goes. Today was relatively good, but only about the past - ask her what she did yesterday or the day before and all you get is a blank stare. I'm so used to repeating everything half a dozen times now that I find myself doing it with complete strangers as well Image Image AND the battles we have over her meds can be mega - I swear she thinks I'm trying to poison her Image

Ah well - we do what we have to Image Image

Hi Cassie,
welcome, a lot of us know what you're going through, my mother is 90 things and have got so bad between us that she now spends 4 days a week with my daughter, I'm so grateful to have such a great daughter. Mum gets so spiteful with me and she hates my husband. I just have to believe that she really can't help it, old age is an awful thing and we may be the same if we get that old.
Best wishes Trish
Hi Cassie nice to meet you and welcome to the Forum Image