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Caring for my partner - Carers UK Forum

Caring for my partner

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Hi my name is Diane
I live in a small village in Cornwall and I have been looking after my partner for the last three years. I moved down here from the Midlands to be with him after caring for my termanily ill father. Since I have been here his health has deteriorated and I find myself with virtually no friends. this does not bother me as I have never had many friends. Sometimes however I do find myself getting frustrated with the situation and if it was not for the local cares group and my break once a year with some of my family I thinks sometimes I would go mad. I have just started to learn to drive which is starting to build my self confidence back up. on the whole I am a happy cheerfull person and I look for the sunshine in every day.
Hi Diane welcome to the forum. There's plenty of support and advice to be found on here as well as daily chatter and fun and games. :)
Hi Diane,
Well done for taking driving lessons, it will be well worth it. I live in the New Forest, very pretty but buses are few and far between!
welcome to the forum Diane.

Bell x
Hello Diane, hope the driving lessons are coming on....you have made me think I need to do something about my transport situation. I live in Cornwall my husband can no longer drive and I passed my test thirty years ago....and gave up cos I hated it!!!! :blush: My remaining family live in the north west and a couple of long term friends also live 'up country' and apart from my work, life is a little isolated. I need a bit of a push...If you do well driving hopefully you'll embarrass me into doing something....I'm terrified and can't seem to get passed this stage....help!!! good luck x
Welcome, Diane, and good luck with the driving lessons! I find driving such a freedom, I'd really struggle without it. How far along are you, are you close to taking your test?